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TI7 Group B Recap: OG Drops To Lower Bracket In Day 4 - Esportsranks
TI7 Group B Recap: OG Drops To Lower Bracket In Day 4

After 3rd and 4th day of TI7 group B, we now know all the upcoming matches for the Main Event. The 9th team, HellRaisers have been knocked out of TI7 after winning only win game throughout the group stages.

The top seeds are LFY (14-2), Newbee (11-5), Virtus.Pro (10-6) and Invictus Gaming (10-6). Meanwhile, OG had a rather uneventful last two days in the group stage, going 3-3, allowing IG to overtake them for a top-four finish.

OG will now have to start their TI7 journey from the lower brackets of the Main Event.

LFY vs TNC, Newbee vs EG

TI7 Group B

@dota2ti / Instagram

The winners of their respective groups had a privilege to choose between 3rd and 4th seed from the opposite group. The choices of top seeds led to Virtus.pro matching against LGD, while Newbee gets to tango with Evil Geniuses. 

LFY has been the single dominant force of the TI7 group B since Day 1 of the competition, having 2-0’d everyone except for OG and DC. The latter was responsible for breaking their streak of 13 straight wins.

Being the leaders of their group, LFY could choose their first opponents at the main event and unsurprisingly, they picked TNC over EG. While TNC has had an impressive run in Group A so far, LFY is smart enough to know that picking EG over them would be a bit too cocky.

Should LFY advance, they’ll face the winners of LGD vs VP, which sets up a potential MDL 2017 Grand Finals rematch between the two sister teams.

We’ll never know, though, as the CIS and SEA pride will definitely go down swinging.

Chinese Domination in TI7 Group B

TI7 Group B

@NewbeeCN / Twitter

Since day one, Newbee was always around 2nd and 3rd place in the group, while in the beginning iG was struggling a bit. It took a while for Invictus Gaming to get their game right, but once they did they looked very impressive.

Both teams got 2-0’d only by LFY, while in other games they managed to get at least 1 map per series. Interestingly, this is also the case for VP, while all three teams played 1-1 between themselves.

iG was also lucky that OG slipped when they did because if not, they’d be the ones in the position of the 4-time Major title holders, who will be fighting for their tournament lives against Infamous. 

A Tale of Two Teams for Virtus.Pro

TI7 Group B

@dota2ti / Instagram

Virtus.Pro was both equally brilliant and terrible during the group stages.

That 15-minute GG against LFY was an ebarassment. However, they have showed that they can bounce back from such a devastating loss, wrecking OG mercilessly and killing them around the map the following day.

They’re set to play LGD in the main event and after the stomping they had received from LFY, they surely must have done their homework. If this is true and VP drafts correctly, they can take down LGD, especially since LFY seems to be looking like the better team of the two.

Regardless, one thing we’re sure of is that VP knows how to come back from a tough loss. This is extremely important in the main event as there’s much more room to regroup and come back.

A win here will be huge for VP and will serve as a way to validate the two-year extension they had just signed with the organisation recently.

They’re CIS’ only hope to bring their former glory days back, so here’s to hoping they can deliver now, if not, at TI8 maybe?

Click here for our Group A recap. 

Did you think LFY did the right thing choosing TNC over EG? How do you think Newbee will fare against Newbee? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below. 

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