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TI7 Group B Recap: LFY Continue Their Domination - Esportsranks
TI7 Group B Recap: LFY Continue Their Domination

LFY are now 10-0 after Day 2 of the TI7 group stage, with their stellar performance capped off by LFY vs VP Game 2 where they forced out a GG from the Kiev Major runner-ups in just 15 minutes.

LFY Is On a Roll

Many criticised LFY’s Day 1 performance saying that that it was against weaker competition, so they doubled up on Day 2 and took down Virtus.Pro. But, they didn’t just take down the CIS squad, they absolutely destroyed them.

While Game 1 was a relatively tight game, LFY vs VP Game 2 was the exact opposite as they forced the bears to call GG just 15 minutes into the game.

LFY was getting kills left and right, and even though they could have tried to drag the game a bit, they didn’t want to get humiliated so VP conceded. Super’s Razor was super effective (pun intended) during that game and VP generally just fell apart in each lane.



Invictus Gaming also had a bad time against their fellow countrymen, with both of their games against LFY being lopsided losses.

The whole team played brilliantly, but for this series, I would like to point out ddc, who played Ancient Apparition in the first and Dazzle in the second game. He died 3 times on AA and as Dazzle he remained immortal, something you rarely see from position 5 players.

LFY continued their winning streak against C9 as each game was even more one-sided and came to an end in ~30 minutes. However, nothing could probably be more one sided throughout the whole tournament than LFY vs VP Game 2.

With a 10-0 record, LFY has now secured a top four finish and are strong favourites to take first seed in Group B.

Virtus.pro Bounce Back After Initial Loss To LFY

What better way to come back from that LFY vs VP Game 2 loss than a clash against the struggling Cloud9 squad. Unfortunately, it seemed that Cloud9 had other plans as they pulled off an upset and took the first map from them.

No[o]ne on Death Prophet didn’t have enough impact in the late game, as well as 9pasha‘s Dark Seer. On the side of C9 and their three cores farmed up and eventually outscaled VP.

In the second game, however, no[o]ne picked Sven mid and obliterated the C9 squad to take the second game.

In their third series of the day, it was clear that VP was hungry for revenge against OG; their heartbreaking loss at The Kiev Major Grand Finals still fresh on their minds.

They were in top form in both games and completely stomped OG – it was a complete massacre. Especially Game 2, which lasted for more than an hour and saw VP get 63 kills against OG. 

If you are a VP fan, these games were extremely satisfying to watch. On the other hand, the OG fan base probably turned on another TI live stream since it was painful to watch their favourite team getting stomped like that.

Two More Days To Go

LFY Vs VPWith only two days left, the top four are probably secured of their spots already. Although we can’t exactly rule out the possibility of any one of OG, VP and Newbee struggling and IG going on an unexpected run.

C9 and Hellraisers, with both just 1 win each, will have to find a way to play better, or else be one of the two teams to make an early exit from TI7 this year.

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Who do you think will be the first to take down the unstoppable LFY? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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