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TI7 Group B Recap: LFY Top Their Group After Day 1 - Esportsranks
TI7 Group B Recap: LFY Top Their Group After Day 1

At the opening day of this year’s The International, each team in the TI7 Group B played each other in two BO2 sets, except for Hellraisers and Invictus Gaming. 

The group stage is set to last for three more days, but it’s already clear right now which teams in group B are likely to take the top four spots.

LFY Leads TI7 Group B After Perfect Start

LFY defeated the SEA team Execration to start the day off.

In the first game we could see Inflame on Doom safelane carry, which may have surprised some, but not the LFY’s regular fanbase. XctN was unable to deal with positional and tactical prowess of the Chinese squad, and LFY went to win the series 2-0 without much trouble.

In the second series they played against the team with the least LAN experience of all squads at TI7 – HellRaisers.

The European qualifiers had a good start in the game one, picking up several kills across the map. However, it didn’t take long for it to become obvious that they were outmatched.

LFY now lead the TI7 Group B with a 4-0 record, while their sister squad, LGD Gaming, lead Group A with a similarly dominant 6-0 record.

Virtus.Pro – Equal Parts Dominant and Shaky

Virtus.pro completely wrecked DC in their first series of the day.

Game 1 was over in just over 20 minutes, and even though the second game lasted almost twice as long, there wasn’t for a second a question in anyone’s mind who was going to win that game.

In their second series against Execration, however, VP had several bad engagements, which cost them the lead. They played the map poorly and let their SEA opponents take chunks of their base due to misplacement of their cores.

After VP’s failed attempt of a counterpush at the top lane, they got wiped and Execration went on to finish the game soon after.

This was just the wake-up call that Virtus.Pro needed as they looked angry and ready for revenge in the second game.

No[o]ne simply could not be stopped on his Templar Assassin, making plays left and right, while Lil’s stellar performance on Sand King with his timely roams prevented Execration from gaining any momentum.

Newbee Looking Sharp

The TI4 champions clashed against their fellow countrymen Invictus Gaming in the first series.

On the first map they dismantled iG’s defenses fairly quickly and almost uncontested.

In the second game, however, they were at a disadvantage for the most time. Newbee’s mid player kpii was on Earthshaker mid, and it was fun to watch in the early-to-mid game. However, he fell off in terms of farm later on. They defended valiantly, but iG broke the highground at around 50 minutes to bring the series to a tie.

In the second series, Newbee proved their dominance against C9 and there’s really not much to say about both games as they were very one-sided.

We hope that C9 quickly forgets their abysmal performance on Day 1 and continue to try to secure advancement to the main event.

OG is Back (?)

Of course, not to be outdone, the four-time Major winners, OG, also finished within the top four after starting the day right with a 2-0 sweep against C9. 

The proof that not everything is working out as it should in OG was the loss to DC at the start of their second series. The game was a complete stomp and it looked a bit humiliating.

OG would bounce back in the second game, however, and proved their championship mettle by overcoming a huge deficit to take the win.

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What do you think? Will LFY be able to extend their winning streak in Day 2 of TI7? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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