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TI7 Group A Recap: Liquid Take Top Spot, Fnatic Finally Gets a Win - Esportsranks
TI7 Group A Recap: Liquid Take Top Spot, Fnatic Finally Gets a Win

Team Liquid overtaking LGD Gaming for the top spot in Group A is definitely noteworthy, but Fnatic winning just one game so far and TNC vs Secret Game 1 both made even bigger headlines, for all the wrong reasons.

Fnatic As Good As Out (?)

With a talented lineup whose play style had the potential to rattle their opponents en route to making a deep run at TI7, it’s safe to say that Fnatic has fallen flat on its face.

Where many, including us, expected them to look like one of the stronger teams at TI this year, they have been anything but that. True, the occasional flashes of brilliance have been there, but it’s clear that the team has yet to fully figure out what’s best for them.

Fnatic’s winless performance on the 1st day was a sign that the team still had a long way to go. Their first game against Infamous didn’t help either; they found themselves constantly at a disadvantage against a team that was formed roughly around the same time as they were and with much less experience at that.

They rebounded in Game 2 and posted their best performance so far. However, with a 1-7 record, they’ll have to win more than half of their remaining games and pray that either one of Team Empire and Infamous stumble for them to have a chance at making it to the main event.

TNC vs Secret – A Painful Lesson

It takes a lot for a team to lose an hour-long game after enjoying a comfortable lead for about half of the game. They either have to over commit to a push, or their opponents need to have excellent split pushers. Although Team Secret did have Lone Druid on Pyo ‘MP’ No-a, TNC lost grip on the game because they did the former.

TNC vs Secret Game 1 will serve as a painful reminder for teams, especially to the SEA representatives, not to over commit.

Kudos to TNC, though, as they seem to have rebounded quite well; they won their next game against Team Secret before splitting their series against Team Empire, which featured a bitter sweet ending for TNC’s carry player, Carlo ‘Kuku’ Palad.

Miracle- Puts Team Liquid On His Back

Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi may be more of a playmaker this year than he was back in TI6, but there’s no question that he remains one of the best in the world at what he does.

On a team stacked with talented and skilled players, he continues to shine and he has, at times, put Team Liquid on his back, almost single-handedly willing his team to victory.

With 8 wins and 2 losses and only one series remaining against the top four teams in Group A, it’s safe to say that Team Liquid’s slot at the main event’s upper bracket is in the bag.

The TI7 Group A Day 2 Recap

TNC vs Secret In Day 2, LGD Gaming finally lost, dropping 3 out of their 4 games, with iG.Vitality serving as the main spoilers.

iG.Vitality has long been known as one of the best Chinese teams, but they’ve often been criticised for their lack of success outside of their country. However, with a steady 4-4 record and a chance to secure themselves a spot in the upper brackets, a breakout performance is all but guaranteed.

Team Empire and Infamous are performing as expected so far, while Team Secret continue to disappoint. Although they’re not exactly in danger of dropping out of the tournament completely, Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov and his squad will have a lot to improve on if they ever want to make a deeper run at this year’s main event.

What do you think of Fnatic’s chances of making it to the main event? Will either one of Team Empire or Infamous stumble in the coming days and give the SEA squad an opportunity to bounce back? 

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