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TI7 Group A Recap: Liquid Still on Top After Day 3 - Esportsranks
TI7 Group A Recap: Liquid Still on Top After Day 3

Team Liquid and LGD Gaming may have already assured their slots in the upper brackets of the main event at the conclusion of the TI7 Group Stage Day 3, but their hold on the top two slots are precarious at best.

iG.Vitality Makes History

Other than taking down the opposing team’s ancients, getting mega creeps is as close as you can get to a sure win.

Just don’t tell iG.Vitality that though.

The first drafts of Group Stage begin to reveal how teams are approaching the tournament. #TI7

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In Game 2 of their series against Team Empire, the Chinese looked poised to split the series after leading for much of the early game. But then, Roman ‘Resolut1on’ Fominok just took over.

The stand-in for Team Empirewho’s widely regarded as one of the best at split pushing or more commonly known as rat dota, did what he did best and by the ~70 minute mark, his efforts had helped his team secure what should’ve been a sure win.

iG.Vitality, however, would not falter and for the next hour, would go on to defend their high ground valiantly before a couple of misplays from Team Empire led to just the second mega creeps come back TI history.

While iG.Vitality again went on to split their series later in the day against Fnatic, their comeback-win against Team Empire had put them firmly in the annals of Dota 2 history.

TNC Pro Team Are Doing It

With their performance after the TI7 Group Stage Day 3 so far, TNC Pro Team has shown that they belong in the conversation as one of the best Dota 2 teams in the world; they have kept every game close all throughout, splitting series against harder matchups but also winning every game that they should have.

In the second game of their series against the back-to-back EPICENTER and DreamLeague champs, TNC Pro Team showcased their ability to not just keep up with Team Liquid, but also dominate them.

Carlo ‘Kuku’ Palad and his Queen of Pain was just unstoppable on during that game, outplaying Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi in the mid lane early in the game all the while making things happen and setting his team up for a win.

He finished the game with 22 kills and 3 just deaths.

Later on, TNC Pro Team made history as one of the few teams to have ever come back from a mega creep deficit.

Having shown the talent and skill to outplay even the best of teams and the mental fortitude to weather the storm when they’re behind, TNC Pro Team are looking like a scary team to face as we head into the main event.

A Mad Scramble for the Top 4 Spots

With at least $235,000 in prize money being the difference between securing a slot in the upper brackets and the lower brackets, it’s only natural for teams to try their best to secure a top-four slot in the group stages.

While Team Liquid and LGD Gaming may be on top, their exact seeding isn’t exactly guaranteed just yet.

Team Liquid and LGD Gaming will have to sweep their opponents tomorrow for that to happen. Should they split their series, or, dare I say, get swept themselves, things could get messy as we may see a couple of tie breaker matches to decide who places who, especially with Evil Geniuses likely to sweep the struggling Fnatic squad.

Evil Geniuses and TNC Pro Team can’t exactly rest easy themselves either.

TI7 Group Stage Day 3

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At 7-7, Team Secret and iG.Vitality each has a puncher’s chance of landing in the top-four. Although, iG.Vitality looks like the better bet because of their favourable matchup against the first-time TI attendees, Infamous, tomorrow, and TNC Pro Team set to take on LGD Gaming. 

Fnatic can also squeak themselves into the main event if Infamous gets swept and if, by some miracle, they manage to take down Evil Geniuses 2-0.

That’s it for our TI7 Group Stage Day 3 recap of Group A as we now head to Day 4, where the only sure thing is that we’re in for yet another set of exciting matches between the best teams in the world.

Who do you think will finish within the top four in Group A? Will wee Fnatic pull off the unlikely upset and secure a spot in the main event? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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