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TI7 Group A Recap: LGD Gaming Dominate In Day 1 - Esportsranks
TI7 Group A Recap: LGD Gaming Dominate In Day 1

The rest of TI7 Group A were simply no match for LGD Gaming and Team Liquid as both teams came out of the gates strong in Day 1 of the TI7 group stage.

LGD Gaming Go Ham

Team Liquid finishing Day 1 of the TI7 group stage with a 5-1 record comes as no surprise. Neither does Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi posting one standout performance after another. It certainly doesn’t come off as a shock that Evil Geniuses were the only ones to win against them.

What has been a revelation, however, is LGD Gaming’s 6-0 performance.

Known for drawing out games much longer than necessary, MDL 2017 champions showed something different in Day 1 of the group stage. Not a single one of their wins took more than 35~ minutes, their shortest game being a 27-6 drubbing of Fnatic that ended in a little over 23~ minutes.

Should they keep this up, LGD Gaming, specifically, Lu ‘Maybe’ Yao, will definitely be able to wash away the bitter taste left by their 9th-12th finish at TI6.

Evil Geniuses Are Evil Geniuses

Both Evil Geniuses and TNC Pro Team finished Day 1 with 3 points, but their records are far from similar.

Where TNC Pro Team took care of business against Fnatic and split their series against Evil Geniuses, the boys in blue ended up splitting all three of their BO2 series. But, then again, when you’re against the likes of Team Liquid, iG.Vitality and the aforementioned TNC Pro Team, you take what you can get.

Besides, it’s far too early to worry. Should Evil Geniuses fail to finish within the top four of the group stages, they are historically known for excelling in the lower brackets.

NA’s premiere organisation will have a chance to catch their breath tomorrow as they’re set to play only two games against Team Empire. 

Team Secret Disappoint Yet Again

TI7 Group A

While it’s too early to hit the panic button, seeing Team Secret struggle against Team Empire and Infamous is a cause for concern, especially after their failure to execute late in the game resulted in them squandering leads and losing games.

Had Team Secret done a better job of closing out games, their record would’ve been 4-2. Instead, they’re now 2-4 and have yet to face the other top-tier teams in the TI7 Group A.

Team Secret is set to play two sets of games against TNC Pro Team and iG.Vitality tomorrow.

Fnatic Are a Chaotic Mess Right Now

Fnatic’s frenetic and hyper aggressive play style has only looked like a chaotic mess so far and all of their games have ended in lopsided loses.

Good news, though, four out of five members of the team are no strangers to poor showings during the TI group stages.

Just a year ago in TI6, MVP.Phoenix barely made it to the upper brackets after splitting all of their games. Meanwhile, Fnatic actually found themselves in the lower brackets.

In the end, Fnatic went home with a satisfying 4th-place finish with MVP.Phoenix not too far behind in 5th-6th place.

Now that the worst has come to pass, Fnatic has a chance to bounce back as Evil Geniuses are the only remaining top tier team in the TI7 Group A that they have yet to face.

TI7 Group A – A Group Full Of Surprises

TI7 Group AWhere Group B has been expectedly top heavy, Group A has been full of surprises so far.

Save for Team Liquid’s dominance in Day 1, every team has managed to perform outside of expectations, for better and for worse.

Suffice to say, as the pressure starts to mount and the threat of elimination gnaws at the back of every struggling team, there’ll be plenty more surprises waiting for us in the days ahead.

What has been the biggest surprise of the TI7 Group A for you so far? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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