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TI7 CIS Qualifiers - Round Robin Recap - Esportsranks
TI7 CIS Qualifiers – Round Robin Recap

In the region where Dota2 is by far the most popular game, the first phase of the main qualifiers has concluded. Ten teams battled it out in a round robin format, all matches played in Bo1. The best four teams now have a chance to earn their spot at TI7, the tournament every team wants to be a part of. Judging from the table, the top teams were very closely matched during Round Robin, as they all finished with the same win-loss scores. Below is our TI7 CIS Qualifiers round robin stage recap.

TI7 CIS Qualifiers

The second phase of the TI7 CIS Qualifiers is a double-elimination bracket. All matches are Bo3 except the Grand Finals which is a Bo5. Stay tuned for the deciding and thrilling matches ahead, as we present the top CIS contenders for the spot at The International 2017.

TI7 CIS Qualifiers – Cross Table

First of all, we would like to point out that the pace of the qualifiers must have been exhausting for the players. In just 2 days teams played 9 games each, a total of 45 Bo1’s. Since the very start it was clear who the favourites were for making it to the phase 2.

The top teams rarely dropped games against teams that were lower on the table. Only Gambit managed to defeat both Vega Squadron and Empire, but were however unable to defeat some far worse teams.

TI7 CIS Qualifiers

From the teams in 5th-10th place, only Na’Vi had a fighting chance to make it to the second stage. However, Vega Squadron in the last game, fended them off and took the last game on schedule convincingly to secure their advancement. We briefly present the remaining teams with our predictions, based on teams’ performance in the first phase.

Vega Squadron

Vega Squadron

Vega is a CIS team that we see the most in LAN events (Virtus.pro excluded). They haven’t had many LAN victories in 2017, but we know that they are capable of this feat – they have won ESL One New York in 2015. We saw them pick lot of aggressive early comps and as the TI7 CIS Qualifiers progressed, the Ursa became a standard pick for them. For the most part their games were short and action packed.

Team Empire

Another team that has existed since the very beginning of Dota2. Their golden age was in 2015 where they won several LAN events. Empire has more a methodical and late game approach to Dota2, so if the game goes late they will take it. They did however lose to Vega, showing once again that their early aggression may be their downfall.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Team Spirit is a new organisation which was formed in 2015. Along with Empire and Vega they received an invite for the TI7 CIS Qualifiers. We saw some exceptional support play from them and Crystal Maiden was their main support pick in these 9 games. So far they have mostly played in online tournaments, but this will be their chance to secure a spot at the biggest LAN event.


This organisation is the successor of the legendary CS team that won WCG 2002. The freshly formed team fought their way throughout the entire open qualifiers (1024 participating teams). They lost to both Vega and Empire in phase 1, so it is obvious they lack the experience. However, they may still have some tricks up their sleeves – so lets just wait and see!

The winner of TI7 CIS Qualifiers gets to play in The International 2017.

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