Thoughts on the Latest Dota Patch 7.06e

The latest Dota patch 7.06e comes with notable nerfs to prominent heroes while buffing a few that haven’t exactly been in the meta for a while.

No More Queen of Pain (?)

  • Queen of Pain: Base Damage reduced by 4
  • Queen of Pain: Level 25 Spell Lifesteal reduced from 70% to 60%
  • Lina: Dragon Slave damage reduced from 110/180/250/320 to 85/160/235/310
  • Lina: Level 25 Talent from +40/4% Fiery Soul to +35/3%
  • Puck: Base Armor reduced by 1

Puck has always been picked up regardless of the trend. However, he’s more niche than viable. Meanwhile, both Queen of Pain and Lina, the latter especially when played in mid, haven’t exactly been meta for quite a while. The popularity of all three nuke-heavy heroes dropped after a series of nerfs post-TI5.

The introduction of shrines, talents, and a number of buffs over time changed all of that, which culminated into all three becoming one of the most hotly contested picks and bans throughout the TI7 qualifiers.

Perhaps because of their recent prominence and subsequent dominance, IceFrog saw fit to nerf them.

Of the three, however, Queen of Pain stands to be the most affected by the nerfs. The 10% reduction (from 70% to 60%) of her Level 25 Spell Lifesteal is big. However, arguably bigger is the effect of the base damage reduction.

It was only until recently that Queen of Pain became a viable pick in pro games. This recent nerf may not totally phase her out of the meta again. But, it does make picking her up less of a priority.

Offlane Sand King Takes a Hit

  • Sand King: Caustic Finale timer damage from 45/65/85/110 to 20/50/80/110

The recent weeks gave rise to dynamic heroes that could play both the offlaner and position 4 supports well. Heroes such as Clockwerk, Nyx Assassin, Earth Shaker and Night Stalker were common staples throughout the qualifiers. But, the most popular, and most contested, of them all, was Sand King. 

While all five heroes mentioned received nerfs, the changes made to Sand King’s Caustic Finale timer damage will probably see him revert back to the position 4 support role.

Teams will likely still attempt to run him as an offlaner, but to lesser success. Because of the change, the hero simply won’t be able to zone one enemy heroes, especially melee carries, as effectively anymore.

Naga Siren and Alchemist

  • Alchemist: Base Agility increased from 11 to 16
  • Alchemist: Greevil’s Greed Bounty Rune multiplier increased from 2x to 2.5x
  • Naga Siren: Base health regen increased from 0.5 to 1.5

Somewhere out there, OG, and in particular, n0tail, is smiling and coming up with ways on how he can micro his team to victory once again.

After a string of nerfs, the recent buffs to Naga Siren and Alchemist aren’t significant by any means. However, in the hands of someone who knows how to exploit such minimal changes, the results can be game-changing.

With MDL 2017 coming up, it’ll be interesting to see if OG experiments with either Naga Siren or Alchemist at the event.

Latest Dota Patch Final Thoughts

As is customary, Dark Seer gets nerfed again. The hero will likely still remain in the competitive meta. That’s just how the hero goes. Meanwhile, the recent changes to the jungle and the buffs to Chen and Enchantress might pave the way for both heroes to becoming a viable pick heading into TI7.

Other heroes that could see themselves getting picked more in the competitive scene are Phantom Lancer, Brewmaster and Broodmother. 

We have MDL 2017 and The Final Match 2017 coming up later this week.

Be sure to follow us to keep yourself updated on which teams will win the said tournaments, and which hero lineups they’ll roll out on their way to take each tournament’s respective titles.

Click HERE for the official patch notes for more info about the recent buffs and nerfs that came with the latest DOTA patch.