Third Week Rankings in the ESL Pro League

This week’s matches were between teams that didn’t play too many matches in the first two weeks of the ESL Pro League. Each team battled fiercely to rank within the top 6, since only those top 6 teams will qualify for the defining combats at this event.

Let’s take a look at teams whose rankings are changing on the League Ladder after last week’s playoffs.

We’ll start with the European teams… they were generally at the bottom of the Ladder at the beginning of this event.


BIG played four matches this week. Their first two matches were against Heroic. Their first match went into overtime and BIG won the overtime rounds 4:0, winning the match 19:15. In their next match BIG gained an almost flawless victory, defeating Heroic 16:1.

BIG also won both their matches against GODSENT. This gives BIG a total of four victories in the last week alone. After 6 wins and 4 losses BIG has a 60% win ratio. BIG was at rank 7 at the start of the League, and dropped to rank 12 in week 2.

But after 4 wins in the last week, they have powered up to stand 4th on the League ladder. It’s been a big week for BIG!


Heroic were ranked 4 in first week. But in the second week they dropped to rank 5. In the last week Heroic have played 2 matches against BIG, fighting ‘heroically’ to a draw in the first one. The match went into overtime. Heroic lost to BIG in overtime and ended by losing the match.

The second match against BIG ended so quickly and disastrously for Heroic that it might well have been the shortest match in this season of the ESL Pro League.

This last hard week has pushed Heroic back down to rank 5. They’ve played 10 matches so far, winning half of those. That gives them a win ratio of 50%.


The last week was a busy one for Team LDLC. They played 4 matches and won 3 of them. Their first two matches were against GODSENT. Team LDLC defeated GODSENT in both matches 16:9 and 16:8.

Their next match was with Hellraisers. In the first match Team LDLC defeated Hellraisers 16:8. But Hellraisers won the second match 16:14 and just managed to skip overtime. So let’s take a look at how the week has changed the rankings.

Team LDLC were at the bottom of the leader board. But after last week’s matches, they climbed to position 10. They still haven’t played as many matches compared to other teams in the top 6. If they keep their winning ratio high they could still manage to qualify for the main event. Team LDLC holds a 50% win rate in the League.

ESL Pro League

Image Credit: ESL


Hellraisers have played the most matches among European Teams. The team has played a total of 12 matches with 9 losses and only 3 victories.

They have played almost half of their matches in the League, and lost more than half of those. Hellraisers were ranked 11 in the first week. In week 2, they fell to 13. But the last week has made quite a difference. Hellraisers have climbed to hold 9th place in the League.

Nevertheless, with a win rate of just 25%, and battles with top teams ahead of them, the future is none too bright for Hellraisers. I suppose at this point all they can hope for is to rank in the top 12, which qualifies a team for the next season.


GODSENT started at rank 8 in the first week of the League. After the second week, they rose to rank 6. The last week has been a bad one for this team, though, with them dropping back to rank 8 once again. In the last week, GODSENT played four matches and lost all of them.

In two matches, Team LDLC smashed GODSENT. GODSENT wasn’t able to stand against BIG either. BIG won Cache 16:8 and Mirage 16:13. GODSENT have now played a total of 11 matches and won just 4. This gives them a win rate of about 36%.

The postponed match between mousesports and GODENT will be continued in week 4. Mousesports are a lethal team, and likely to brutalize GODSENT. In any case, mousesports only need to win 3 more rounds to have the match.

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Now let’s take a look at the North American teams participating in this event.


Misfits are showing great form. They were at rank 4 at the beginning of this event, and have climbed to rank 2 in the last week.

Misfits were supposed to play four matches in the last week. But their matches against NRG Esports were postponed. Their next opponent was Splyce. Misfits won the first match 16:9, and second one 16:14.

This team is certainly likely to stay within the top six, and so enter the main event. Misfits have played a total 10 matches and have managed to win 8 of them, which gives them a win rate of 80%!

NRG Esports

Rank 5 week 1, Rank 4 week 2

NRG Esports seem to be in very good form. They were ranked 5 at the beginning of the event, and have been slowly climbing in the rankings. Now, at the end of the last week’s playoffs, they rank 4.

They might have ranked even higher, but their matches with Misfits in the last week were postponed. NRG Esports have maintained their place in the rankings despite that postponement.

They’ve played 8 matches in all and lost just 2 of them. This gives them a win rate of 75%. Their win rate is among the highest in the League. If NRG Esports manage to win even 60% of their upcoming matches, they will easily be able to qualify for the main event.


After being ranked 14 continuously for 2 weeks, Rogue has finally begun to climb in the rankings. Slowly. They are now rank 13. That’s not as bad as it looks. Teams that rank 12 and 13 will fight in the ESL Pro League Season 6 – North America: Relegation matches. That’s another chance to enter Season 7 of the ESL Pro League.

Rogue played four matches in the last week. Their first two matches were against Splyce. Splyce won the first match 16:14 and the second match 16:9. Next Rogue faced Ghost Gaming. Rogue won both the matches against Ghost Gaming 16:8 and 16:14.

At the end of this week, Rogue has played 10 matches, winning two and losing 8 – that’s a win rate of just 20%.

Ghost Gaming

Ghost Gaming is falling in the rankings week after week – while they started out at rank 12 in the first week, in the next one, they had dropped to 13, and now, at the end of this last week, it’s a dismal 14.

They have played a total of 10 matches and won just 1. That’s a win rate of 10%. They encountered Rogue the last week, and ended up losing in both Cache and Inferno.

With 16 matches remaining, and most of those against top-tier teams, we think it’s safe to say that Ghost Gaming isn’t going to see the main event.


Splyce has been moving back and forth on the League ladder. Starting out at rank 10, they briefly dropped to 12 in the second week before pushing back to rank 10.

They fought against Rogue and Misfits in the last week. They managed to win both the matches they fourght against Rogue. Misfits, on the other hand, easily decimated Splyce.

Splyce has played 10 matches so far, winning just three of them. That gives them a win ratio of a little less than 30%.

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The current ESL Pro League Ladder…

European League ladder:

The stats below give the team, their win-loss ratio, and the points they’ve earned so far.

Fnatic, 7-1, 21 points

North, 6-2, 18 points

FaZe Clan, 6-2, 18 points

BIG, 6-4, 17 points

Heroic, 5-5, 16 points

Astralis, 5-3, 15 points

G2 Esports, 4-4, 13 points

GODSENT, 4-7, 11 points

Hellraiers, 3-9, 10 points

Team LDLC, 3-3, 9 points

Ninjas in Pyjamas, 3-5, 9 points

Team EnVyUs, 3-7, 8 points

mousesports, 2-3, 6 points

Natus Vincere, 2-4, 6 points

ESL Pro League

Image Credit: ESL

North American League ladder:

The stats below give the team, their win-loss ratio, and the points they’ve earned so far.

OpTic Gaming, 8-2, 24 points

Misfits, 8-2, 24 points

SK Gaming, 6-2, 18 points

NRG Esports, 6-2, 17 points

Renegades, 5-3, 15 points

Team Liquid, 4-2, 12 points

Luminosity Gaming, 4-4, 12 points

Counter Logic Gaming, 4-4, 11 points

Immortals, 3-5, 10 points

Splyce, 3-7, 10 points

compLexity Gaming, 2-4, 6 points

Cloud9, 2-4, 6 points

Rogue, 2-8, 6 points

Ghost Gaming, 1-9, 3 points

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