The Meteoric Rise Of eSports Gaming & What It Means

In recent years eSports gaming has become a very big deal and by the looks of it, the industry can only go up from where it stands today. eSport games like Call of Duty, League of Legends (LOL), Counter Strike GO and DOTA 2 are very popular and some even play these games to make money online. eSport gaming wasn’t this big from the start. eSport games started as a small gaming division known as Major League Gaming that today has become a giant in the gaming and sport industry. eSport games are expected to surpass physical sports viewership – rather the LOL world championship already has!

What Is eSports Gaming & Why it’s So Popular?

High-end gaming PC’s have been around for years so why has the online gaming phenomena taken off in the last few years? The main reason would be that eSport gaming has become a lot more simplistic, easier to access, much more competitive and keeps changing all the time which makes watching online gaming tournaments so fun.

What makes online eSports gaming so popular is that unlike real sports anyone can get good at it with practice and dedication. We see it many times that in real sports a certain physical trait is necessary for you to be good at it but in eSports, anyone can become a professional with enough dedication. Also, considering that anyone from around the world can take part in competitions and tournaments rather than a select group of people makes players more likely to take part and watch online eSport tournaments.

Another major reason for why eSports gaming has become so mainstream is that unlike real sports it changes infinitely. Sports like Football, Baseball and Basketball haven’t changed in any way for the past decade whereas in eSports the games keep changing.  Games such as “Call of Duty,” “Tekken,” “Super Smash Bros,” “Gears of War,” are now replaced by “League of Legends,” “Counter Strike: Global Offensive,” “DOTA 2,” and chances are these too will be replaced in the near future with more fun and innovative eSport games.

Will eSport Games Like LOL Or DOTA2 Ever Overtake Physical Sports?

Technology is constantly changing, improving, and becoming better by each passing day which results in eSports growing as well. The better the graphics and games become the more viewers and customer it will attract.

In the October 2013, over 32 million people watched the online League of Legends game tournament through online streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube from around the world. 32 million people is an incredibly high number dwarfing the combined viewership of the 2014 World Series and NBA Finals. Since 2013, the eSport gaming scene has gone through major changes and advancements to make online games even more enjoyable to play and watch. Going by the trends, raising interest and ease of accessibility, it is highly likely that eSports will surpass physical sports for good sooner rather than later.