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The Kiev Major – Complete list of participating teams - Esportsranks
The Kiev Major – Complete list of participating teams

Few days ago, closed qualifiers for this year’s first Major event came to end, so now we know all teams that will represent their regions in event’s LAN finals. The Kiev Major main event will take place from 27th until 30th of April at the National Palace of Arts in Kiev, Ukraine. Schedule for group stage hasn’t been announced yet. Competitors will be playing in a single elimination format, with matchups decided after each team’s placements in the group stages. All Main Event matches will be BO3 format, except the grand final which will be BO5.

Directly invited teams are:

  • Wings Gaming
  • OG
  • Team Liquid
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Digital Chaos
  • Newbee
  • Team VG.J
  • The Greeks (Ex-Ad Finem)

And teams that earned their spots through qualifiers are:

  • Team Onyx
  • SG e-sports
  • Team Secret
  • Pro
  • iG Vitality
  • Invictus Gaming
  • Team Faceless
  • TNC Pro team


South-east Asian teams didn’t receive any direct invitations despite strong competitive scene. Exiting qualifiers have proven that they deserve their two spots in the LAN finals of the tournament. The most successful team of the SEA qualifiers is Team Faceless. They have dropped only two games in the entire course of qualifications. Winners of the loser’s bracket finals are TNC Pro Team, who have beaten MineskiGG and acquired the second available slot for themselves.


Organization invictus Gaming has once again proven they are a force to be reckoned with in Chinese DotA2 professional scene. They’ve had one spot secured already in the winner’s finals, where iG faced off against their sister team iG Vitality. Vitality managed to make a comeback after 1:0 deficit. It is really pleasing to see that the organization didn’t involve in determining which of their teams would be given the advantage over the other one, and were both given equal chances to prove their worth. In the end, both teams managed to secure their spots in The Kiev Major, since iG won against Vici gaming with a score 2:1.

China has three directly invited teams (Newbee, Wings, VG.J), so with addition of 2 qualified iG rosters they will be the most represented region in The Major.


Qualifications for CIS region were very exciting and intense, but Virtus Pro proved their complete dominion over other teams. They had lost a game to Na’Vi and Team Empire each in the group stages, but when it mattered they have completely dominated their opponents. They have crushed Na’Vi in finals in two 25 minute games, convincingly securing their spot in the Main event.


Team Secret may have lost a game against Alliance in the group stage, but it was their only loss in the entire course of the tournament.  They have finished regional qualifiers with impressive score of 14:1, earning their spot alongside Team Liquid, OG and The Greeks (ex-Ad Finem) to represent Europe in the first Major Event in 2017.

South America

South America had shown us the best they’ve got, and it’s not bad at all! SG E-sports won against Not Today 2:1, and it is now up to them to prove that in their region there are some teams that can play serious DotA2!


North America often is full of surprises. They have proven that there is more than “two good teams” in this region. NP played great in group and had score of 6:0, but when it mattered the most they lost to compLexity in upper bracket and then lost to Team Onyx in loser’s finals. Onyx managed to fight their way through loser’s bracket and eventually emerge victorious 2:1 against CoL in the finals. Roster containing of mason, Abed, BuLba, DuBu and DeMoN will represent NA alongside DC and EG. Someone obviously forgot to mention to CoL that Abed now plays for Onyx, and Meepo should be a must ban against them, since he has wrecked his opponents every time they’ve left this hero available for him.

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The prize pool of The Kiev Major will be amounted to $3,000,000. Winners earn $1,000,000, runners up $500,000, while 3rd and 4th placed teams get $250,000 each.