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The International 2017 Battle Pass is full of memes - Esportsranks
The International 2017 Battle Pass is full of memes

New map, effects, skins, sets, sound effects, MMR betting, new chat wheel functions, memes, memes and more memes. This is a consise description of what The International Battle Pass – The Compendium brings to Dota2.

The theme of this year’s The International is water, or more precisely underwater world. Therefore, all of ingame effects as well as the map and sets are inspired by underwater creatures and seabed.

Many players theorise that this may be an indicator that the fourth element will be introduced into the game, a spirit. He could bring balance to three existing elements, Ember Spirit, Storm Spirit and Earth Spirit. This may just be a speculation, but so far players proved many times they were right when predicting what Valve is up to.

Battle Pass

To access Battle Pass this time you will have to spend a bit more money, precisely $9.99. Four days after releasing the Battle Pass, the CURRENT prize pool for The International 2017 was stated to be $7,204,887. The prize pool will obviously only get larger, and the goal is to exceed last year’s $21,000,000. The best teams will split the prize money according to their performance. You can follow the progress of the prize pool HERE.

We are also expecting new multiplayer campaign. It seems that Valve has noticed that players really enjoyed their previous mode – Dark Moon. New campaign is Siltbreaker, and it will have two episodes. You’ll get the chance to play in a team environment and earn rewards from experience points you gain.

Reef’s Edge

Ofcourse, in the spotlight of aesthetic changes is definitely the new map. It is completely submerged and you can see the preview of it below.

The map looks truly impressive, however it will be very hard to unlock it. You have to reach 150 Battle Pass level, and its not at all an easy feat. A nice touch are towers visuals that vary depending on your teams collective Battle Pass level.

Other updates and benefits

There is exclusive matchmaking queue available for play if you are Battle Pass owner. Your rating will be calibrated and after several months you will be able to switch it for the current MMR. As well you can place bets on your rating in games. Betting doubles your MMR gain as long as you win. Consequently, you lose twice as much in case of defeat.

At level 305 Valve created a new deny effect, ! is replaced with ?, an effective way to annoy your opponent. We assume this effect will be very popular and honestly it is a great idea.

Players will now be able to vote which hero gets the new Arcana skin. Heroes will meet face to face weekly and the one which gets more votes progresses through the bracket.

A seasonal chat wheel contains various sound effects, and I personally enjoyed them a lot while playing. I personally enjoyed this change a lot, it makes using chat wheel a lot more fun.

Most of the remaining visual effects in game now have water splash animations. You can see all the details about The International 2017 Battle Pass here.

List of all implemented details in new patch, not related to the Battle Pass is available on this link.

Enjoy exploring the new Compendium, as we must conclude that Valve has taken a step forward and made this the most impressive edition of their pre – The International content.