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The Chongqing Major Playoffs Day 1: Betting Odds, Tips, Predictions - Esportsranks
The Chongqing Major Playoffs Day 1: Betting Odds, Tips, Predictions

Two days of group stage action quickly went by as we now head on over to the the Chongqing Major Playoffs Day 1.

After what was an exciting group stage portion that gave us a glimpse of what to expect from the 16 participating teams going forward, we’ll now see some of the best Dota 2 teams in the world clash in Day 1 of the playoffs. Every team scheduled to play tomorrow is considered to be among the very best in the world, which means that we can all expect some high quality dotes to be in store for all of us.

A battle between heavyweights, however, can be quite tricky to predict. Because of how closely matched these teams are, who wins usually all boils down to which teams come in more prepared and want to win more. But, of course, there are other factors that come into play as well, some of which we’ll take into consideration in our analysis below.

So, without further ado, here are our picks for the Chongqing Major Playoffs Day 1.

All Chongqing Major Playoffs Day 1 betting odds courtesy of 10bet.

The Chongqing Major Playoffs Day 1 Tips and Predictions

Team Liquid vs Team Secret

Chongqing Major Playoffs Day 1

So much for playing with a stand-in. Team Liquid are looking as dominant as ever with shadow in their lineup. (Team Liquid)

Match Schedule: January 21, 2018 — 1000H SGT

Team Liquid looked mighty good against quality competition for a team playing with a stand-in. Sure, it helps that their stand-in is a TI winner, but still. Though not perfect, Team Liquid deserves a lot of props for integrating their substitutes so quickly.

On the other hand, their opponents, Team Secret, could very well have been playing with stand-ins. Whether it was planned or not, Clement ‘Puppey‘ Ivanov is back to his shenanigans once again, and this led to them having a much harder time advancing to the upper brackets than they should have. It’s probably true that Team Secret didn’t get to practice much prior to the tournament, which is a bad sign when they’re playing against a world-class team like Team Liquid.

With the first-day jitters already taken care of, Chu ‘shadow‘ Zeyu should look a lot more comfortable tomorrow in Team Liquid’s matchup against Team Secret, which is a scary proposition considering how well he had already played.

Betting: Team Liquid to win at 2.15 odds. (10bet)

EHOME vs Fnatic

Chongqing Major Playoffs Day 1

Southeast Asia’s finest, Fnatic, will look to top their Top 8 showing at the Kuala Lumpur Major this time around. (Fnatic)

Match Schedule: January 21, 2018 — 1330H SGT

The past two months have done Fnatic well as the collection of the finest talent that Southeast Asia has to offer seems to have a better idea how to play off each other’s strengths now than they did back during the Kuala Lumpur Major.

Given their current form and with a number of cheese picks still at their disposal, Fnatic should have no problems disposing of EHOME.

Betting: Fnatic to win at 1.76 odds. (10bet)

Virtus.Pro vs Evil Geniuses

Chongqing Major Playoffs Day 1

With literally nothing to lose, Virtus.Pro are free to play with reckless abandon, which, coincidentally enough, is when they are at their scariest. (Virtus.Pro)

Match Schedule: January 21, 2018 — 1700H SGT

Virtus.Pro have always looked at Evil Geniuses as worthy rivals and for good reason — Evil Geniuses once boasted a 10-game winning streak against them.

These days, Virtus.Pro are looking a lot better against their North American nemesis, having won 4 out of their last 5 games. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’ll be quick to pencil them in as the winners just yet. Evil Geniuses’ are still scary talented at each position, with four of their players possessing some of the best mechanical skills in the entire world.

Unfortunately, it looks like Evil Geniuses have forgotten how to play collectively as a team, and while they may be able to overwhelm lesser teams with their individual skills, that’s just not going to fly against a team like Virtus.Pro.

Betting: Virtus.Pro to win at 1.28 odds. (10bet)

PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming

Chongqing Major Playoffs Day 1

With their Grand Finals loss at TI8 likely still fresh on their minds, no team is arguably hungrier to win than PSG.LGD. (PSG Esports)

Match Schedule: January 21, 2018 — 2030 SGT

There are two teams that could potentially dethrone PSG.LGD as China’s best, and one of them is Vici Gaming.

Although undeniably young, Vici Gaming’s roster features some of the best talent that the East has to offer. Hungry and motivated to prove themselves, they’re capable of going toe-to-toe against anyone, including PSG.LGD.

With Yao ‘QQQ‘ Yi back from vacation, however, and the rest of the team looking in tip-top shape, it certainly seems like Vici Gaming will find themselves outmatched in their series tomorrow. Although we expect it to be a back-and-forth matchup, we believe that PSG.LGD will ultimately come out on top.

Betting: PSG.LGD to win at 1.41 odds. (10bet)

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