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FaZe Tfue and Cloakzy Win $500,000 Fall Skirmish TwitchCon - Esportsranks
FaZe Tfue and Cloakzy Win $500,000 Fall Skirmish TwitchCon

It’s no longer arguable. The greatest duo in Fortnite is Tfue and Cloakzy of FaZe clan.

They cruised through qualifying, and in the Grand Finals took a commanding lead by Game 3 which they never looked like losing. Once all the bonuses have been totalled up the duo took home $510,000.

The 3-day event was essential viewing with all the major organisations represented including Team Liquid, Atlantis, FaZe, Cloud 9 and Ghost Gaming.

It was a stellar tournament minus a few technical hickups – with a peak viewership upwards of 700,000 tuning in to see the biggest Fortnite tournament to date.

Here is the story of Fall Skirmish TwitchCon.

Click here  for a full breakdown of the format and rules.

The Qualifiers

Fall Skirmish fans

It was laying down room only at Fall Skirmish TwitchCon.

Heat 1

Tfue and Cloakzy started the weekend as they meant to go on. They controlled the high ground in an almost comical fashion with the sight of Tfue looking down on the ensuing chaos, assault rifle in hand, a frequent sight. They dominated this heat, winning Game 1 and finishing 2nd in Game 2 ultimately scoring 20 points on their way to the Grand Finals.

The 4 players of Atlantis are widely considered as the best team in EU and going off their showing here the trip to the USA was well worth it. Atlantis Mitr0 and Magin, took 2nd place and impressed with their hyper-aggressive plays, while Atlantis Villex and Juganza finished 4th meaning they could look forward to the Grand finals on Sunday.

The sole-representatives for TSM this weekend were the recently signed Kaysid and Cowboy who failed to place. With Myth playing in the invite streamvational and Daequann and Hamlinz not attending questions will be asked where this organisation will go from here.

Heat 2

Friday afternoon’s heat was a dud, with few big name participants and unfathomable lag in Game 2 and 4. The most notable duo, Vivid and Poach of Team Liquid will regret how passive they played which meant that they had it all to do going into last game. It was ultimately too big an ask and their Fall Skirmish ended before it really began.

It was telling that no team was able to secure enough eliminations to “Make It Rain” with the $40,000 rolling into the Grand Finals.

Heat 3

After the lag issues of the previous day, Epic had spent the night trying to resolve the problem and must have felt they had done so because Heat 3 started with a new build of the game.

The stuff of developers nightmares came to pass though, when early in Game 1 a player’s station crashed. There was a timeout called, the old build was reintroduced and the highly anticipated heat got underway.

And it was certainly worth the wait. The Kings of Tilted Towers Ghost Aydan and Nickmercs popped off with an 11 kill game, earning them big bonus which helped them finish 2nd. While Funkbomb and FaZe Natehill, returning from their bans continued their strong showings as a duo.

And there was a Skirmish first when Ghost Bizzle and Ghost DMO won back to back games helping them on their way to a 1st place finish.

Heat 4

Heat 4 was cagey with the majority of the EU players participating here. It should come as no surprise, after such a long and potentially expensive journey, that the eliminations were thin on the ground. Players were slow to engage even when there was the “Make It Rain” bonus on the line which rolled all the way to Game 4. It was claimed by the winners of that game – itdiggtytv and Perfecttilt who took home $40,000 for their troubles and finished in 1st place.

Elsewhere in the heat, 72hrs and Chap of Team Liquid qualified alongside Ghost duo Saf + Ghoul which meant every Ghost participant reached the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals

The stage was set for the culmination of the Fall Skirmish.

Tfue and Cloakzy race to the top

Game 1 followed the script. Aydan and Mercs popped off early picking up 3 elminations. Tfue and Cloakzy were on there way to the win with 5 kills in the bag. There was only one problem, as the final circle closed Cloakzy was frantically looking around for the last player. But you weren’t going to find Pate1k, the Norwegian was nonchalantly healing, high and far away from the action. Not even production had eyes on him.

That ingenuity had netted him and his partner, Domentos of Team Secret, $50,000.

There was disbelief on the floor when in Game 2, almost the exact same scenario played out. This time Domentos was the man who snatched the Victory away when he glided down to finish off an already beat up Cloakzy.

The passive duo had just netted another $50,000.

The FaZe boys weren’t rattled though and they had reasons to be confident. They were sitting 2nd and equal on points due to kills.

They went into Game 3 looking for the Victory Royale. Cloakzy, who it was clear was operating on another level this weekend, wasn’t going to let another win pass him by. In the final circles, he had the foresight to push Funkbomb, catching him with a couple of AR shots before the storm did the rest.  It was indicative of Cloakzys game intelligence – Funkbomb would have won in a heal off.

Cooling off

Fall Skirmish TwitchCon

NickMercs and Ghost Aydan – the rivalry that became a love-in.

Ghost Bizzle and DMO won game 4 in a heal off. And for the first time all weekend we saw something positive from Team Liquid. 72 hours and Chap popped off. Earning big bonus and killing more people than they had in the previous 3 games. It would be their only performance of note.

Game 5 was the Aydan and NickMercs show. It was the perfect game for them in many ways – a circle closing on Titled Towers. They already had 2 eliminations on the board when they made Atlantis Villex and Juganza look silly. Took a further 2 in a massive build battle showing just how far building on console has come. The noise in the stadium was growing as they stalked Titled looking for the kills to take them into big bonus. Nick, who thrives in this atmosphere wasn’t going to let the crowd down. He jumped to his feet as he got the kills and the crowd erupted. An audacious grenade played by Aydan to down Ghost Ghoul cemented their reputation as fan favourites.

Even when Tfue and Cloakzy went down relatively early in Game 6, it was clear that only a gargantuan effort by one or two duos could dethrone them. Ghost Saf and Ghoul tried to do just that ending their tournament with 10 kills and 2nd place but it wasn’t enough.

With 17 points the FaZe boys had written themselves into the history books.

Final Standings

Final Standings TwitchCon

Ghost must of been feeling the halloween vibes.

So we know who won but what else went on? Funkbomb and Natehill will be glad to have served their bans. Natehill is also with FaZe so it was a good weekend all round for them. Ghost Gaming are dominating the Top 10 with no less than 7 players with Ghoul and Saf just behind in 12th. Hysteria proved his credentials with him and C9 Blind playing consistent throughout.

These standings also say a lot with whose not there. No Liquid or TSM players. Which is no surprise as TSM only fielded 2 players but that is a problem in itself. After strong performances in the qualifiers Atlantis failed to show up, with the only EU duo being Gambit’s Pate1k and Team Secret’s Domentos.

Player of the Tournament – Cloakzy

FaZe Tfue and Cloakzy

Cloakzy performance here will take a lot to beat.

He has often been overshadowed by his more outspoken Duo partner. But with his performance this weekend he has cemented him as the No.1 Duo’s player in the world. He has long been known for his gamesense and we saw it here in spades. With an uncanny ability to find rifts-to-go and predict the storm every engagement was from an advantageous position. And oh how he made it count. He did the lion share of the work with 23 out of 28 kills by his hand. To put that number in perspective the next highest DUO had 22! As Tfue said post-match, “Cloakzy with the mad carry,” with the crowd taking his lead with chants of “MVP!”


So what did you make of the Fall Skirmish? Are Tfue and Cloakzy the worlds no.1 duo? Where will TSM and Liquid go from here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.