Tekkz’s Singapore win invites comparisons to Messi

It was business as usual for Tekkz in Singapore, which just so happens to be smashing all those that come before him. He lifted the FUT Champions Cup Singapore trophy after defeating Fatih “FIFAUstun” Ustun 6-2 across two legs in the cross-console final. This follows a season of record-breaking feats; this is his 5th title this year, 3rd FUT Champions Cup and winning the last two back-to-back.

It’s an unprecedented run in FIFA and one that has invited comparisons to some of sports other greats like Messi and Lebron – individuals so far and away from their competition that they make the impossible seem mundane.

Take this particular stat for instance. Tekkz added 1,500 Global Series Points giving him a total of 7545 which is around 4,500 higher than 2nd place Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary, who let’s not forget is the current FIFA eWorld Cup Champion.

And he has not finished yet, he has qualified for every event possible this season and will be representing hometown club Liverpool FC in the inaugural season of the ePremier League giving him plenty chances to add to the $180,000+ he has already won this season.

Tekkz had started the weekend slowly but gradually began dominating without ever really getting out of 3rd gear, in fact he had more trouble answering questions in the media day/post match interviews than he ever had on the pitch – when asked what his favorite Asian food was he answered that he didn’t know any Asian foods before adding “eh… burgers?”
Traditional footballers aren’t known for their inspired answers and Tekkz seems to be channeling a fellow scouse England player – Wayne Rooney. Asked another time what music he enjoys he replied he “didn’t listen to music.”

He is a man who clearly does his talking on the pitch though. In the final he raced into a 3-0 lead before Ustun worked his way back into the game, finishing the first leg 3-2 after a last minute goal. A mistake by Ustun in the second leg gifted Tekkz a goal on 20 minutes and from there he never looked back, he won the tie 6-2 and wrote himself into the history books while doing it.

This is Tekkz world and we are all just living in it.

Tekkz’s Singapore Win – Reactions + Grand Final Highlights

Tekkz's Singapore FUT Champions Cup March

The love for Tekkz has been pouring in after winning his 5th trophy of the season. Check out some of these reactions from around the world of FIFA.

Jarrad Nance, a FIFA YouTuber, had no doubt where Tekkz stood in the game.

FIFA pro and commentator Ivan “BorasLegends” Lapanje was also sure he was witnessing the best.

What did you make of Tekkz’s Singapore win? Does anyone in the history of FIFA come close? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.