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Tekkz Makes History At The PGL Cup Bucharest - Full Recap.
F2Tekkz Makes History At PGL Cup

Everyone thought it would happen, but few truly felt it was possible, but at 17 years old Donovan “F2Tekkz” Hunt made history by winning the PGL Cup and becomnig the first player to win back-to-back FIFA Championships. He will take home $12,000 and all but guaranteed his spot at the FIFA eWorld Cup.

The road to the final had been a whos who of FIFA. He beat Dani “Dani Ajax” Hagebuek for the second time in a week, FIFA eWorld Cup Champion Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary, Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing and in the console final Michael “Megabit” Bittner.

Tekkz made easy work of Stefano Pinna in the final. The first leg was on the Xbox. Tekkz dominated the game 2-1. He clearly doesn’t mind playing on the PlayStation either he won that game 2-1, making him the PGL Cup Champion.

Passing The Mantle – Gorilla Vs Tekkz

PGL Cup F2Tekkz

Gorilla has vowed to come back better/

It was the Game of the Tournament and one that will have significance for both of these players going forward. Tekkz and Gorilla had already played in the Swiss Round. Tekkz had made short work of him then winning 8-2, but things wouldn’t be so easy this time around.

Gorilla entered this game after squeezing by Msdossary in the quarter-final admitting he hadn’t played his best. The two Englishmen, Gorilla the star of FIFA 17 and Tekkz the burgeoning star of FIFA 19 sat down to play. Gorilla took control of the first leg, and for the first time in the tournament Tekkz looked out of ideas, he had lots of possession but little penetrative play. Gorilla would take a 3-1 lead into the 2nd leg.

The 2nd leg would probably be the best game of FIFA we have seen all year. Gorilla went up with two early goals to make the game 5-2. It looked over for F2Tekkz and it probably would be if he was any other player. But in just one half of football, the game had been turned on its head. Pele was the man to help him do it, dragging the ball back to take 2 players out the game and scoring from the acutest of angles. Gorilla looked rattled for the first time in the tie and Tekkz smelled blood – he would go on to score another 4 goals, with another beauty from Pele to win the tie 7-6.

In this game Tekkz proved he isn’t just a flash in the pan, when the going was tough he raised his performance and deserved to go through.

After the PGL Cup What’s Next?

Nicolas99fc and Tekkz FIFA eClub World Cup

Nicolas99FC may team up with Tekkz in the FIFA eClub World Cup.

Well, life for a certain Englishmen is looking good. He has qualified for the next 3 tournaments including next weekends FUT Champions Cup London. It isn’t clear who can beat the youngster and he must fancy his chance of picking up a few more trophies on the way to the end of season FIFA Global Series Playoffs.

Tekkz may have one eye on the FIFA eClub World Cup. It’s rumoured that Tekkz and Nicolas “Nicolas99FC” Villalba will form a superteam for the competition. Nicolas is one half of the duo that plays for FC Basel – the other being TheStrxnger, but a team of the two Basel players is unlikely as they both compete on the PlayStation.

If Tekkz doesn’t win in London he will be happy to know that the first FUT Champions Cup of the new year will be back in Bucharest a place that must surely hold a place in his heart.


So what did you make of the FIFA PGL Cup? Is F2Tekkz the best FIFA player in the world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.