Team Secret’s Midone 2nd to Reach 10K Solo MMR

Make space Abed, a new player just reached the 10K Solo MMR milestone.

Three Long Months in the Making

Team Secret’s Yeik Nai ‘MidOne’ Zheng has long been known as one of the most prolific mid players in the world. Now, he just made history, as the first player to reach the 10K Solo MMR milestone on the SEA/EU server.

To reach the 10k solo MMR milestone, MidOne went on a dominating run that saw him winning 13 of his last 14 matches, going from 9,744 to 10,016 in that span.

Unlike Abed, who was the 1st to reach 10K MMRMidOne showed a little bit more variety throughout his run. Team Secret’s mid player played the likes of Templar Assassin, Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain, Ursa, and even Earth Shaker, Bounty Hunter and Monkey King. 


10K Solo MMR

MidOne / Twitter

MidOne also kept most of his run private; he even used a different account from what he typically used during tournaments. He also chose to only stream his record-breaking match, sharing only screenshots of his MMR throughout the past few days.

As you might expect, MidOne’s reaction to reaching the 10K solo MMR milestone was quite filled with profanity.

The video below captures the last few moments of MidOne being just a 9K MMR pleeb.

As a team, Team Secret has made quite a reputation for failing to show up in big events.

The current iteration of Team Secret has yet to win to win a LAN title. The closest they’ve been was on Summit 7 where they lost to the defending champs in the Grand Finals, Virtus Pro, 2-3.

Reaching the 10K Solo MMR milestone is definitely a huge confidence booster for MidOne and for Team Secret as a whole as we approach the TI7 group stages.

Who do you think will be the third to reach 10K Solo MMR? Will it be Team Liquid’s Miracle, or iG.Vitality’s Paparazi? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.