Team Review – Dominators of the ESL Pro League

Here we are, and the Play-offs of the ESL Pro League are just around the corner, in a manner of speaking. Or rather, we are very close to knowing just which teams have qualified for the Play-offs. This team review will cover a lot of changes in the rankings – a lot of those changes are because of ‘mid-stream’ roster changes.

If you’re one of the betting fraternity, you’ll certainly be interested in which teams are doing best in this event – especially if you’re looking to bet on one particular team to ‘reach the Finals’.

So here then are the latest rankings and playing analyses for teams participating in the ESL Pro League.

Team Review – Dominating European Teams


Fnatic are truly in the lead, having won 14 matches out of 22 played. Fnatic’s current score is 43 points, and they still have 4 matches left to play. This means that they could possibly add another 12 points to their score. However, they don’t have much chance of that – despite dominating the League in Europe, you’d be surprised to know that their win-rate is a fairly mediocre 42%.

With that sort of win-rate, it is unlikely that Fnatic will win all their remaining matches. Fnatic just lost two matches played against North, but Fnatic managed to push the matches into overtime, which gained them 2 points despite the defeat.

Esl Pro League - Fnatic

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FaZe Clan

At  number 2 we have FaZe, undoubtedly straining at the leash with 14 wins and 8 losses. FaZe also have 4 matches left to play, which – like Fnatic – gives them the opportunity to score 12 points.

Interestingly enough the next matches they play will be against Fnatic – you can just imagine the difference this could make to the League Ladder. FaZe Clan have a win-rate of an astounding 72%. This means that there’s a good chance they’re going to blow Fnatic off the League Ladder. Those are going to be exciting matches – we don’t advise you to miss them.

FaZe last played two matches against GODSENT, and of course won both of them. And Team LDLC forfeited their matches against FaZe, giving FaZe two free wins.


North are ranked 3rd on the Ladder. North have played 20 matches and won 13 of them. North will only play 4 more matches, because they were forced to cancel their matches against Heroic due to schedule incompatibilities. Although there is some chance that they will still play those.

North has had quite a struggle to stay in the top 6, with a win-rate of just 50%. Out of the 4 matches played in week 6, North won 3; and two of the matches went into overtime. They lost a match against Natus Vincere, and this match also went into overtime.


Astralis is ranked 4th with 12 wins and 8 losses, scoring 36 points. They still have 6 matches to play; this gives them a good chance to rank within the final six. Six more matches means a possible 18 points. Astralis have a 65% win-rate. They fought against Hellraisers in the last week and were able to win only a single match. There were no other matches for Astralis in week 6.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

This team are the definition of the word ‘comeback’, savagely battling up from the bottom 3 to number 5. In 22 matches they managed to score 35 points by winning 12. They still have 4 more matches to fight – which means that they could still drop out of the top 6. Ninjas in Pyjamas have a 64% win-rate.

ESL Pro League - Ninjas in Pyjamas

Image Credit: ESL

G2 Esports

This is another team who have powered their way up through the lower ranks and into the top 6. Oddly enough these were last season’s winners, and in this season have barely managed to make the top six in the 6th week. Not very impressive, but they have 6 matches left to play, so perhaps we’ll see them rise in the rankings. It would be disheartening for the defending champions to not even make the Play-offs.

So how are these rankings likely to change?

Of the teams in the top 6, FaZe and Fnatic obviously show the most potential – either could actually make the maximum possible score of 55 points. Ninjas in Pyjamas are unreliable, but if they play well, they could push to 47 points in week 7. If.

Other European teams in the ESL Pro League

Here are the teams that could potentially still make it to the top 6.

Hellraisers have the most chance, because, with a score of 29 points and 6 more matches to play, they could possibly score another 18 points. However, they have a below-average win-rate of just 44%. So a rise from this team could well be wishful thinking.

Other teams that could rise if they win all their remaining matches are…

Team LDLC and BIG could touch 43 if they don’t take a single loss. This is unlikely. Team EnVyUs could push through to 42 points. Mousesports could take 41 points in all. EnVyUs and mousesports are teams that are not to be underestimated. They just might do it. Other teams that have a bare chance of making the top 6 are Natus Vincere, GODSENT and Heroic.

Team Review – The Top American Teams

SK Gaming

With 55 points SK Gaming is now leading the League Ladder, and have qualified for the Play-offs. This means it doesn’t matter if they win or lose their 2 remaining matches. In week 6, SK Gaming went up against Ghost Gaming and Rogue, winning every single match.

ESG Tour Mykonos - SK Gaming

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming also have qualified for the Play-offs, and they still have 4 more matches to play. With 48 points and 16 wins out of 22 matches, OpTic Gaming are the second team to qualify for this event. They went up against Counter Logic Gaming in week 6. OpTic gaming won and lost a match against Counter Logic Gaming. They still have a match with SK Gaming ahead of them.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid now rank 3rd, with 42 points. In week 6, they fought in 6 matches, winning 5 of them. Team Liquid were – oddly enough – defeated by Immortals. This was a serious loss of 3 points and could lead to them missing the top 6. They still have 4 matches left to play, and with a 73% win rate, could well win them.

Counter Logic Gaming

With 14 wins and 8 losses, Counter Logic Gaming are number 4 on the ladder. Their current score is 42 points. They still have 4 matches to play. It might not be easy for them to rank in the top 6 with a win-rate of just 47%. They played 6 matches in week 6 and were able to win 4 of them. A hard-fought match against Luminosity Gaming went into overtime, and ended with Luminosity Gaming winning the match.


Cloud9 are back in the game for now. They are ranked 5th with 35 points. Cloud9 won 3 out of 4 matches played in week 6. Cloud9 were not able to win a match against Renegades, which cost them 3 points. With 6 more matches to play, Cloud9 still have a chance to qualify. Cloud9 have a 62% win-rate, which is a good sign.

Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming holds rank 6 for now. They have played 20 matches and were able to win 11. Their current score is 35 points. They can still score another 18 points, because they will be playing 6 matches in week 7. With a 58% win-rate it is still possible for them to qualify for the main event.

Esports Betting for the ESL Pro League

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Other teams that could rise if they win all their remaining matches are…

NRG Esports and Misfits both scored 32 points at the end of week 6. Both teams still have 4 matches to play. NRG Esports will face Luminosity Gaming which will be one of the crucial matches. Misfits will face Cloud9. These teams might make the Play-offs – then again, they probably will not.

Renegades still have 6 matches to play and could possibly score another 18 points. This is more than enough to qualify for the main events. But with a win-rate of just 44% that doesn’t seem too likely.

And then there’s Immortals, who seem to be the favored playthings of Fate, Destiny and Lady Luck. They’re playing as well as could be expected. But it’s unlikely they’ll do much at this event. With 29 points at the moment and 4 matches in week 7, they still could still add 12 points to their score. This gives them a chance to be number 5th or 6th on the ladder.

Image Credit: DreamHack

Teams who are out of the event

These teams still have matches to play, but they also have the lowest win-rate in the entire ladder. Splyce and compLexity Gaming still have a chance to rank in the top 11, and get an invite for the next season.

Rogue and Ghost Gaming have no chance to win to the Play offs. However, teams playing against them in week 7 are likely to climb over them to higher rankings on the League Ladder.

We’ll be watching the initial matches run into the play-offs, and you’ll be with us every step of the way!

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