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Team Rankings – Fourth Week, ESL Pro League - Esportsranks
Team Rankings – Fourth Week, ESL Pro League

After last week’s battles, there have been drastic changes in the ESL Pro League. Some teams have climbed in the rankings, and others have met disaster. It’s important to know which teams are playing badly, and which are playing true to form. This gives one a better idea of who’s likely to win this event.

ESL Pro League – Top European Teams


Fnatic have been leading the European League Ladder since week 2, with some utterly dominating play. The team has played 14 matches, and have 12 more matches to play. In week 4, Fnatic lost only 2 matches, against GODSENT. But this doesn’t look good for the future, because Fnatic still has to face teams like Astralis, North, FaZe Clan and G2 Esports. If facing GODSENT was difficult for Fnatic, then winning against the remaining teams will be next to impossible.


North holds the 2nd position on the Ladder. They have played a total of 12 matches and have scored 27 points, against Fnatic’s 32 points. North have played 2 matches less than Fnatic. This means that they still have a chance to take Fnatic’s place at the top the Ladder. North still have to face FaZe Clan, Astralis and Fnatic. It’s not going to be easy. North only lost one match in week 4, and, as with Fnatic, it was against GODSENT.

FaZe Clan

At number three is FaZe Clan. And they’ve got there by playing just ten matches, which is nothing less than incredible. This team is a dominating force in this event. But in week 4, FaZe Clan lost against Ninjas in Pyjamas in one match, 6:16. While no team can win all the time, losses can still be dangerous in the run up to the main matches. Especially when FaZe still have a good many battles ahead. With 3 losses and 7 wins, FaZe Clan have a win-rate of 70%.

ESL Pro League - FaZe

Image Credit: ESL


GODSENT are 4th on the Ladder, and have been playing exceptional CS:GO. They showed some serious performances in week 4. They managed to defeat Fnatic in both the matches they played with them, and won one match against North. Currently both these teams hold the top two slots on the Ladder. GODSENT has 20 points with 7 wins and 9 losses. They also only have 10 more matches to play in the Europe Qualifiers. They just can’t afford to lose any matches at this point. The bad news is they still have to fight FaZe Clan and G2 Esports.


BIG are number 5 on the Ladder. They just had one battle in the last week, against Team LDLC. The matches were quite intense. Team LDLC defeated BIG in one match 16:12. The next match went into overtime, ending in BIG’s favour. BIG were only able to score 2 points in week 4, yet are still able to stay in the top 6. BIG still have to play 14 matches, but this seeming advantage will soon wear off if they keep losing.


Team LDLC – very surprisingly – defeated Team EnVyUs in both the matches they played against them. One of the matches went into overtime. Team LDLC scored 5 points in this encounter. And they scored another 3 points against BIG. This pushed up their score from 10 points in week 3 to 18 points in week 4, boosting them into 6th place.

The European Teams, Positions 7 – 11

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas have also shown good progress in week 4. They won both their matches against G2 Esports, scoring 6 points. They also won one match against FaZe Clan, scoring 3 points. This was quite an improvement, because this team only had 9 points at the end of week 3. Scoring the same amount of points in a single week means that there is still hope for this team. They hold 7th place with 18 points.



From once standing in the top 6, Heroic have fallen in the ranks to stand 8th. Fnatic won both their matches against Heroic, causing the team to plummet in the rankings. Heroic’s current score is 17 points with 5 wins and 7 losses.


Hellraisers put up a good show in week 4. Their only matches were against Natus Vincere. And they won both the matches. But even with those 6 points added to their score, Hellraisers were unable to raise their team into the top 6. The team now stands 9th.


Astralis are at number 10 on the League Ladder. They have played the least matches in the European section. Out of 8 matches that they played so far, Astralis managed to win 5. Astralis didn’t have matches in week 4 of the ESL Pro League. The coming week is a different matter – Astralis will have to play an astounding 12 matches in this single week.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports stands 11th. That is rather astonishing, though G2 have 16 matches still to play. Their current score is 13 points with 4 wins and 6 losses. Not a very good performance by a team certainly considered to be one of the best.

ESL Pro League - g2

Image Credit: ESL

European Teams at the losing end of the Ladder

After playing 14 matches, Team EnVyUs were only able to win 4. With 12 points, they stand 12th. Natus Vincere and mousesports both scored 9 points and both played 10 matches, winning 3. They currently hold positions 13 and 14 on the Ladder.

ESL Pro League – Top American Teams

OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming continues to rule the North American matches. They played 14 matches and won 11 of them. They played 4 matches in week 4, and lost just 1 match to Renegades. This was the second time in this very event that OpTic lost a match in ‘Cache’.  It looks like they need to train a little more at this particular battleground. They’ve still to face Team Liquid, SK Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming –  each of those a challenge in its own right.

ESL Pro League - OpTic

Image Credit: ESL


Misfits is in 2nd place on the League Ladder. The team didn’t have any matches in the last week, yet have been performing so well in previous weeks that they have maintained their position in this one. And they have only played 10 matches so far. Week 5 is going to be a very busy one for Misfits.

NRG Esports

At number three is NRG Esports. They’ve fought in four matches in week 4. NRG Esports won one match each against Renegades and Team Liquid, and gained only 6 points. At least they didn’t lose all the matches. Which perhaps shows that they are ready for week 5.

SK Gaming

SK Gaming is at number 4. They had just 2 matches to play in week 4, against Counter Logic Gaming. SK Gaming lost a match against Counter Logic Gaming, scoring just 3 points in week 4. SK Gaming are going to have to do better than this, since most of the North American teams are playing very well. Don’t be surprised to see them lose against teams like Misfits and OpTic Gaming.

ESL Pro League - SK

Image Credit: ESL

Team Liquid

Until week 3 Team Liquid was nowhere near the top 6. The last week was almost perfect for Team Liquid, though they lost 1 out of the 4 matches that they played . They are now at position 5 on the Ladder with 21 points. Their worst performance was against Ghost Gaming in Week 1. If they had not lost that match, Team Liquid would now have ranked 2nd instead of Misfits.


Week 4 wasn’t a good one for Renegades. They only managed 1 win out of 4 matches played. Their previous performances were good enough to keep them in the top 6. But if they keep losing Counter Logic Gaming will soon replace Renegades.

The American Teams, Positions 7 – 11

Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming stand at number 7 on the League Ladder. They had four matches in week 4. They won one match against SK Gaming, and both their matches against Immortals. Winning against Immortals hardly really counts, since the team is in such a bad state. But hey, free points. Counter Logic now have a good chance to qualify for the main events.


Week 4 went over well for Cloud9. Cloud9 have had matches against Ghost Gaming and Splyce. They won quite easily against Splyce with scores like 16:4 and 16:1. Ghost Gaming fought back, though, and put up a tough fight in the second match. But Cloud9 won both the matches. They scored 12 points in week 4. This is exactly double their previous score right through week 3, which was only 6 points.

Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming is ranked 9th. They lost both their matches against Team Liquid. The victory was not an easy one for Team Liquid. On the other hand they won against compLexity Gaming 2-0. And scored a decent 6 points in week 4. Their total score is 18 points.

Splyce and Rogue

These two teams finally made out of the bottom 3. Splyce is currently at number 10, with Rogue at 11. Rogue defeated Immortals – unimaginable only a short time ago. Until Immortals boost their roster through some new acquisition, the team remains a non-entity.

American Teams at the losing end of the Ladder

Immortals have fallen to the bottom of the Ladder. No one expected this. At least they showed they will not tolerate players who can’t respect the organization – or other teams. The twins were already looking to leave the team – had in fact been so for months. They merely used the occasion as an excuse. I don’t think they’ll be hitting any popularity highs with CS:GO fans anytime soon.

ESL Pro League - Immortals

Image Credit: ESL

CompLexity Gaming is at number 13. They have played 10 matches and only won 2. Which gives them a win-ratio of just20%. If you think this is bad, Ghost Gaming have only won 1 match so far, from a total of 14 matches played. Which gives them a win-ratio of just 7%.

Week 5 is going to be very intense. The matches will run on for 6 days.

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