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Team OG are The Kiev Major champions! - Esportsranks
Team OG are The Kiev Major champions!

The final day of The Kiev Major began with the semifinal games. Virtus Pro faced off against Invictus Gaming while on the other side of the bracket OG played against EG. Team OG made came out victorious in the end and were crowned the Kiev Major Champions.

VP defeated VG.J in the quarterfinals with their recognisable Ursa picks, and iG won against Liquid on the backs of Burning and Op. EG had a surprisingly hard match against Brazilian squad SG esports on their way to the semis. They eventually managed to secure their spot with a back and forth win in game 3. OG won against Faceless 2-1, but swept EG 2-0 and secured their spot in the Grand Finals. Home crowd favourites VP took down DAC champions iG 2-0 and the stage was set for two best teams to fight for who would be crowned Kiev Major Champions.

Crowning the Kiev Major Champions – Virtus.pro vs OG

Home crowd favourites VP took the fight to OG in their style – quickly and as often as possible. They picked Magnus, Ursa and Warlock in the first two games, and tried to fight whenever their ults were off cooldown. However, in the first game OG held their ground and with Terrorblade managed to pave their way to victory. Game two also featured Terrorblade, but this time in the hands of VP’s Ramzes. Two lucky DD runes made Terrorblade a pushing monster, demolishing OG’s base swiftly and with ease. In game three, VP picked Night Stalker last for Lil, securing far superior vision for the team. His performance in the early game was exceptional, and with Ramzes dominating on Lifestealer (0 deaths), VP took the 2-1 lead.

At this point we might have thought that we could see a new team crowned Kiev Major champions, but OG weren’t ready to give up just yet. They fought back with another TB pick on Notail. For the third time in the series the team who picked up TB emerged victorious. This time, however, it wasn’t the late but the early game power that determined the winner. Fly on Warlock and s4’s Enigma made strong teamfight comp whenever their ults were up, and OG were able to finish game 4 in less then 35 minutes.

Game 5 – a treat!


Considering how enjoyable both teams and all the players made this Grand Finals for the crowd, we were hoping that the final match would be down to the last fight. This was the first time since 2013 that the champion would be decided in the final game of a Bo5. For this game we saw just how versatile Virtus.pro are – Lil picked Enchantress, their 99th hero in the tournament! Both teams mixed things up. Ramzes was on Alchemist and Notail played Timber.  But eventually it turned out that Ana’s Troll would play a key factor in this game.

Virtus.pro dominated in the early game, and finding a favourable fight around the 22nd minute, they managed to kill 4 heroes of OG and secure Rosh. They got many pickoff kills, but were unable to materialise their advantage by dealing structural damage. OG were patient and got their chance for a comeback at 40th minute – a perfect teamfight. They wiped VP’s team completely, losing just a single member and managing to push mid for melee racks. From that point OG slowly choked their opponent taking chunks of VP’s base in a constant siege. Armed with another Aegis of Immortal and buybacks ready, they pushed the final remaining top barracks for the victory at a little less than 1 hour of play.

We congratulate team OG for winning their second back to back and fourth in total Dota Major Championships title!