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Team Liquid Are The International 2017 Champions - Esportsranks
Team Liquid Are The International 2017 Champions

The sixth and final day of the main event in KeyArena saw three of the best teams in the world clash with $10 million and a chance to be crowned as The International 2017 champions on the line.

Team Liquid (2), LGD.Forever Young (1)

The International 2017 Champions

Image via Valve

The day started off with the lower bracket finals with Team Liquid going up against LGD.Forever Young. 

In Game 1, LFY countered Team Liquid’s signature heroes, Keeper of the Light and Lone Druid, with better team execution. Although the game lasted for almost an hour, Team Liquid was at a disadvantage all throughout.

The following game, Team Liquid squeaked through two of their signature heroes once again, Earthshaker and Nature’s Prophet for Maroun ‘GH’ Merhej and Ivan Borislavov ‘MinD_ContRoL’ Ivanov respectively. And, this time, their execution was so much better. They were able to push the tempo early on and was able to end the game in ~31 minutes.

Team Liquid’s early game aggression again proved problematic for LFY in the series clincher as they threatened to push high ground as early as ~15 minutes into the game. Although Monet and his Morphling posed enough of a threat to make Team Liquid hesitate, their early game lead was just too much and by ~48 minutes, they were finally able to force out a GG.

With the win, Team Liquid were now one step closer to becoming The International 2017 champions.

Team Liquid (3), Newbee (0)

After successfully making it through the lower brackets, Team Liquid now had to face off against Newbee in the TI7 grand finals.

The International 2017 Champions

Image via Valve

In Game 1, Team Liquid, for the third game in a row, picked Nature’s Prophet, who MinD_ContRoL played to absolute perfection. Newbee just couldn’t do anything to stop Team Liquid’s early game aggression, and as a result, the game had ended in just ~27 minutes with a kill count of 27-12.

Newbee had learned from their mistakes in Game 2, banning Nature’s Prophet and played the long game with an Anti-Mage pick for Xu ‘Moogy’ Han. Team Liquid countered this with a last pick Alchemist for Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi, who basically put the team on his back, leading Team Liquid to a comeback win.

Staring at a 2-game deficit, Newbee went with a push-heavy lineup in Game 3 to try and swing the series’ momentum their way. Team Liquid was able to outlast the early pressure, though. After winning a series of team fights later in the game, they were able to secure the win and more importantly, the series.

Third Time’s The Charm

After coming in second place at both The Shanghai Major and The Manila Major, Team Liquid has finally won a Valve-sponsored event. The win also gives Kuro ‘Kuroky’ Salehi Takhasomi his first ever TI championship in seven tries.

Team Liquid will now take home $10.8 million in prize money and a year’s worth of bragging rights as The International 2017 champions.

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