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BREAKING: Team Liquid Enter FIFA eSports by Signing Lasse Bækkelund - Esportsranks
BREAKING: Team Liquid Enter FIFA eSports by Signing Lasse Bækkelund

Team Liquid have just announced the start of their professional eSports team, and it’s first team member – Lasse Bækkelund. The Dane joins Team Liquid with immediate effect. He will be representing his new team in the upcoming FIWC regional qualification tournament in Munich. Liquid`Bækkelund will be the name that Lasse takes.

Who is Lasse Bækkelund?

Lasse is a 21 year old Danish player who has been crowned champion of Denmark before. He describes his playstyle as “Counterattacking with a lot of skill moves”. Denmark has something similar to a production line of great FIFA players, PSG AGGE arguably the most famous one. The two have faced off most recently at the Copenhagen Games 2017 where Lasse beat Agge in the quarters.

Big things are expected from him, having been announced as Team Liquid’s marquee summer signing. He transfers to Team Liquid from local team OB Odense.

Lasse Bækkelund has been involved in competitive FIFA for a few years now, and believes that the time is right for him to shine. In the video below he describes how the FIFA eSport scene is constantly growing. He also talks about how the skill level of all competitors are rising and keeping up.

Who are Team Liquid?

Arguably one of the biggest name in the global eSports scene, Team Liquid entering the FIFA eSports scene makes a lot of people sit up and pay attention. Starting in 2000 as a clan in battle.net, Team Liquid has grown to be come a world powerhouse in multiple games.

TL boasts teams for Starcraft, League of Legends, Hearthstone, CSGO, DotA2, Heroes of the Storm, Smash Brothers, Street Fighter, Halo, Overwatch, and now FIFA. The support that Team Liquid can give to a professional player like Lasse is immense.

Lets take a look at their League of Legends team. Along with a Team Manager and Head Coach, there is a substitute, assistant coach, head analyst and another analyst. This type of professional network and support can only help give a professional eSport player the possible edge he would need over unexperienced or unsupported competitors.

Team Liquid Liquid`Bækkelund

Via tl.gg

Whats the plan for Liquid`Bækkelund?

As mentioned, Liquid`Bækkelund will compete at the upcoming FIWC EU regionals in Munich. His aim will be to secure a top-5 finish to book a seat at the FIWC Finals in London. The objective is quite a tall order, as there are only 10 competitors advancing from a stacked group of 50.

On the PS4 side, he will compete against the likes of FUT Champions veterans such as Hashtag Boras, PSG Agge, Salz0r and Madrid regionals overall champion – Prinsipe. His first hurdle however will be PS4 Paris champion – S04_CIHAN, who is placed in his group. We expect both Liquid`Bækkelund and Cihan to progress from the group, but as always anything can happen.

Should he win the PS4 division, this would guarantee a spot at the FIWC finals in London. It would also give us a tantalising final match versus the XBOX champion. Two possible mouthwatering opponents here would be Hashtag Tass, in the battle of defence vs. offence, or A HugeDragon X, where we would see two all out attackers go at each other.

Exciting times are up ahead for Liquid`Bækkelund, and we wish him the best of luck at the FIWC regionals in Munich which start in less than 24 hours.

Read the official announcement on TL’s official website.