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Team Liquid Are Your DreamLeague Season 7 Champions! - Esportsranks
Team Liquid Are Your DreamLeague Season 7 Champions!

After two days of intense Dota 2 action, Team Liquid emerge as the winners and are your DreamLeague Season 7 champions! The win gives Team Liquid two successful consecutive title defenses, with the first being at EPICENTER 2017 more than a month ago.

This surely bodes well for the team as they prepare for The International 7.

Losers Finals

DreamLeague Season 7 Champions

Since Liquid already secured the spot in the finals after day 1 of the event, they were waiting for the winners of Team Secret against Planet Odd series. These teams had already met each other at the beginning of the tournament.

Odd took the series 2-1, and coming into the losers’ finals, they seemed to have a very good read on their opponent.

Planet Odd prioritised Earthshaker offlane + Crystal Maiden support in both games, providing a strong foundation for their cores. In the first game, Templar Assassin and Troll Warlord began to out scale Team Secret’s core heroes, Arc Warden and Necro, and after a 3 for nothing exchange in favour of Planet Odd, they breached mid racks and soon after, secured the game.

In the second game, at around 35 minutes, Secret found what seemed to be a favourable initiation. Troll bashed Lina to death to start the fight off. However, Earthshaker and Crystal Maiden counter-initated, getting 3 kills, which resulted in 2 sets of racks.

Finishing the game after this was an easy job for Odd.

DreamLeague Grand Finals – The Great Comeback

In the BO5 Grand Finals against Planet Odd, the defending champions, Team Liquid, showcased what could only be described as the champion’s mentality.

DreamLeague Season 7 Champions

w33haa went nuts on his Timbersaw in the first game, which was a very messy and entertaining game to watch.

At over 50 minutes, Miracle- got overly aggressive on his Invoker and was killed at enemy’s tier 2 top lane tower, which resulted in several pickoffs by Odd, followed by Roshan kill. Planet Odd breached the high ground while disabling Liquid to fight as 5 due to pick-off kills to finish the game off.

In the second game, Planet Odd had a strong start, which enabled their Antimage to go on an unobstructed farm-fest. As the game progressed, he became a split-pushing monster in the hand of Resolut1on.

The Anti-mage became too much for Team Liquid to handle and Planet Odd took Game 2 and were just one win away from winning their first LAN title in a while.

A Champion’s Mentality

Once the ropes, however, Team Liquid came roaring back.

Miracle was on Huskar in the safelane, getting extremely fed (7 kills at 10 minutes), while MATUMBAMAN was on Lycan in mid.

Team Liquid closed out the game quickly after taking Roshan at 15 minutes.

In Game 4 we saw the role switch between Liquid’s cores once again.

This time Miracle’s Antimage got denied heavily in the early game by Tide support+Furion. On the other hand, Matumbaman on Necro got far ahead of w33’s Puck in mid, giving Antimage space to farm and make up for a hard laning phase.

As soon as Miracle- picked up a Battlefury, he started flash farming and split-pushing as the teams went through a dull moment from minute 35 to 50.

Sensing that it was time to strike, Team Liquid decided to go for a push on the high ground. Planet Odd stood valiantly and focused their fire on Miracle- only for him to buy back and return to mid to claim the racks.

Planet Odd tried to counter push, but it ended terribly for them as they got absolutely wrecked, giving Team Liquid a chance to push and tie the series.

The DreamLeague Season 7 Champions

In the deciding game, Odd were quick to pick up Antimage, while Liquid stuck to their role change between Miracle/MATUMBAMAN, with Matu on Lycan and Miracle on Weaver. 

The supports of Liquid in this game were Sand King and Zeus, while Planet Odd picked Crystal Maiden + Omni. MindControl was on Beastmaster, who proved to make a great combo with Lycan later on in the game.

Liquid had an early advantage and slowly built on this as the game went on. Although Planet Odd had the right team composition to deal with Team Liquid, they were constantly picked off as Sand King proved to be a thorn in Antimage’s side.

After taking out Antimage once again, courtesy of Beastmaster and a Blink + Ult combo, Liquid would go on to destroy the racks and Planet Odd would gg out soon after.

DreamLeague Season 7 Champions

And that was all she wrote.

Team Liquid, the DreamLeague Season 7 Champions, now have 5 LAN titles post-TI6, and more importantly, three of titles came post-Kiev.

The wins just keep on coming for Team Liquid, who surely are headed to The International 7 with utmost confidence in themselves. Also, we pour our hearts out to Planet Odd, who nearly were the DreamLeague Season 7 Champions. We hope they come back after TI8 stronger than ever!

In case you missed the tournament, you can watch all the VOD’s at DreamHack’s official youtube channel.

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