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Team EnVyUs to fight Flash Gaming in the ELEAGUE - Esportsranks
Team EnVyUs to fight Flash Gaming in the ELEAGUE

Round 3 of the ELEAGUE is divided into three parts, the High Matches, the Mid Matches and the Low Matches. Teams that have not lost a single match since Round 1 will be facing each other in the High Matches. Teams with one win and one loss will battle it out in the Mid Matches, and teams with no wins to date will face each other in the Low Matches. One of the most interesting combinations today is Team EnVyUs vs Flash Gaming, where Team EnVyUs, whose performances have been fairly dismal at this event, are finally slated for a long-due win. They not only completely out-class Flash Gaming, but will also be fighting with their backs to the wall, as a loss here will boot them from the event.

Today, we’ll see two teams qualify for the Legend Stage

The winners of the High Matches will directly qualify for the Legend Stage. It’s going to be a bitter conflict for the teams in the Low Matches, because the losers will be disqualified from the event. Teams that do not manage to qualify for the Legend Stage will not receive any prize money at all. To qualify, a team must win three matches out of five. Below are the predictions for the High and Low matches that will decide the future of each team.

The High Matches

Vega Squadron Vs G2 Esports

That title is correct, and it’s Vega Squadron and not Faze Clan in the High Matches. In a very big upset in Round 2, FaZe Clan lost against Vega Squadron by ten rounds. This is a considerable difference, and the pattern does remind one of EPICENTER last year, where FaZe Clan won the first match and lost all the remaining ones, and finally found themselves eliminated from the event.

Let’s congratulate Vega Squadron, because now they just need one more round to qualify for the Legends Stage. Their next opponent is G2 Esports, who defeated Misfits quite easily. Now, after winning against FaZe Clan, Vega will fight a completely focused G2 Esports, and this could end badly for them. Of course Vega Squadron defeated FaZe Clan, but G2 Esports are hardly FaZe Clan. Losing against a team from a lower tier is against G2 Esports’ ethic. The odds are running at 1.30 on G2 at the moment, which are reasonable odds to stake on.

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Mousesports Vs Cloud9

Both teams have played fifty five LAN matches with their current rosters. Their last encounter was at DreamHack Open Denver last year, and mousesports defeated Cloud9 in a best of three series. This does not mean that mousesports are very much superior to Cloud9. Their first map there was Cobblestone, and mousesports defeated Cloud9 by just two rounds. Cloud9 balanced the score in Mirage and won by six rounds. The last map, Overpass, went into overtime two times before mousesports won it. These teams are very evenly matched. The only difference between them is the map pool, where the teams completely counter each other. Not a good match to bet on, unless you bet live, because the win depends upon which map is chosen.

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

The Low Matches

Flash Gaming Vs Team EnVyUs

As we predicted, Flash Gaming are not doing very well at this event. While this is as much the fault of circumstance, the fact is that this team is likely to be booted from the event in this match. They have shown excellent fighting spirit and sportsmanship all through the event, which is truly admirable. This is a good chance for Team EnVyUs to stage a comeback in the event, while to lose this match means that they would be eliminated from the ELEAGUE. This is finally a match where we can rely upon Team EnVyUs, and the odds on them are running at 1.30.

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FlipSid3 Tactics Vs AVANGAR

FlipSid3 Tactics have done fairly miserably over the past few weeks. But could AVANGAR beat them? AVANGAR has hardly done any better at this event. These teams did play a little better in Round 2 than in Round 1, but it’s still clear that this event is well beyond their league. Neither of these teams is going to reach the Legends stage, and this is an innately unstable combination that isn’t worth your hard-earned money. Ignore these teams and let them fade naturally into oblivion.

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.