EnVyUs struggle to remain in the top eight of the ECS

With the weekly matches of Season 4 of the ECS about to end, Team EnVyUs have just four matches left to play. They have already lost their chance to rank within the top four, and now have to manage to remain in the top eight to get an invitation to Season 5. Their journey is going to be a difficult one, because their last matches are against two very unpredictable teams, Heroic and mousesports. These two teams’ performances vary widely, from winning against top teams to losing to upcoming teams. This makes Team EnVyUs’ task in facing them even more unenviable. Their task is made harder by the fact that mousesports will be determined to win. If mousesports win even a single match, they will qualify for the group matches.

Team EnVyUs Vs Heroic

These teams have faced each other often enough with their current rosters. They have fought eleven matches against each other, and none of those went into overtime. Heroic won five of the matches, and Team EnVyUs won six. That does give EnVyUs a slight lead, but hardly enough to be termed a real advantage.

Image Credit: ECS

Overall online match performances with the current rosters of each team.

Team EnVyUs have played one hundred and forty online matches and won eighty of these. This gives Team EnVyUs a win rate of fifty seven percent per match, and fifty two percent per round. Heroic, on the other hand, have played ninety nine online matches with fifty one wins and forty eight losses. Heroic’s current win rate is fifty one percent per match and fifty percent per round.

As you can see from these stats, this is a highly unpredictable combination, and who wins or loses will depend on what matches each team picks and bans. Heroic is most likely to lose at Cache, Cobblestone and Inferno. Team EnVyUs’ only weakness is Mirage. It’s best to avoid this combination if you’re one of the betting fraternity, but if you must place a stake on one of the teams, choose Team EnVyUs.

Team EnVyUs Vs mousesports

These teams have fought each other in four matches without entering overtime once, and with Team EnVyUs winning three of those matches. To top it all, the matches were all online matches, which gives Team EnVyUs a seventy five percent win rate against mousesports for their upcoming battle. However, those stats don’t tell the whole story, because mousesports are really at the top of their form in this league and now need a single victory to qualify for the group matches. Mousesports are likely to take that victory from Team EnVyUs.

Image Credit: ECS

What do the overall stats say about these teams?

Mousesports have played sixty nine online matches and won thirty seven of them. That gives them a win rate of fifty three percent per match, and fifty two percent per round. Team EnVyUs does seems to do slightly better in the stats than mousesports, but by not more than four percent. That’s not much at all, especially with mousesports currently playing in better form. Mousesports are the team to bet on here, since they seem to be driving forward to enter the group matches, and this may be their only chance to do so. If you care to risk a stake, the odds are currently running at 1.53 on mousesports.

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