7 Biggest Takeaways From EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4 was interesting, although the word “interesting” might be a slight understatement. Because, this week, we saw the LoL equivalent of seeing blue bears flying over the moon at night.

The weekend shocked us to say the very least and was full of twists that shouldn’t have been there. Our initial presumption was that the EU LCS would continue down the road of Misfits, Fnatic and G2 Esports dominating till the very end. Instead, the European teams had a different show prepared for us. But, before anything else, good news first; both predictions we made about this week came true. Misfits came through for us on both accounts and left us unscathed. However, for analysts who tried throwing guesses at what might go down, all hell broke loose.

We had Splyce winning from Fnatic, and Giants overthrowing G2 Esports. These were perhaps the biggest upsets we saw all year in the EU LCS. This is especially true for the Giants vs. G2 Esports matchup, because it was completely out of the blue. We had already commented on how Splyce might make a comeback this week, especially based on their performance during Rift Rivals 2018.

On the whole, EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4 smashed a whole array of colors into the EU LCS. Things have changed up and teams are looking different to how they were at the start of the split, leaving us extremely excited for what’s about to pop up in the upcoming weeks.

Below are 7 particular and summarizing details about EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4 that we just couldn’t possibly ignore.

Splyce Are Experiencing a Resurgence

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4

This week could be the beginning of something great for Splyce – Image via LoL Esports Flickr

Being the reason Europe won Rift Rivals appears to be quite the confidence boost. Splyce are looking more like the team we saw last split in EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4. Their performance caught us off guard, and from the looks of it, Fnatic too. Fnatic were made to bite off more than they could chew when they went up against Splyce.

At first, Fnatic were looking like they’d win the match. However, Splyce kept up an aggressive playstyle and kept beating Fnatic in teamfights. There’s no other way to put it: Fnatic got completely outclassed by Splyce in this match. The victory wasn’t due to a cheese teamfight which led to victory like the one we saw during the Misfits vs. Giants game we had last split. Splyce won the game fair and square.

You could argue that if Splyce was really as great as we’re making them out to be, then they wouldn’t have lost to Schalke. We’ll get to that in a moment, but the main underlying point is that Splyce didn’t lose that match because they were bad. Schalke were just that good.

H2K Need to Improve Drastically

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4

H2K have what it takes to turn things around, but will they? – Image via LoL Esports Flickr

At this point, it looks like H2K are aiming for a clean split in which they don’t win a single match. They’re 0-8 so far throughout EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4, which is embarrassing, plainly put. They used to be at the bottom of the EU LCS ladder, chilling right next to Schalke 04 and Unicorns of Love. Since then, both Schalke and UOL have made huge strides in trying to climb and succeeded for the most part.

H2K, on the other hand, couldn’t be faring worse. Their match against UOL this week should have been their first win, but even that couldn’t be managed. If H2K continue down this path, we could see them relegated, or given a complete makeover at the very least.

Double Smite Is An Interesting Strategy

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4

Aatrox benefits heavily from taking Smite in the mid lane – Image via Riot Games

An interesting modification of the gold funneling strategy revealed itself this week. Unlike the norm, where the mid laner walks around all over the map with Smite alongside a support, this one had both, the jungler and the midlaner with Smite. This allowed the midlaner to gain more experience than their opponent, all the while letting the team have a jungler.

We saw a Talon, Ekko and an Aatrox go to the mid lane with Smite, and both came out successful. They both have great wave clear, which allow them to roam. They pushed up their lane, and easily stole away the enemy Raptors. This strategy allows the user to start with their own Raptors to attain an experience lead over their enemy laners. Champions like Talon and Aatrox have kills pressure at level 2, which makes this an excellent strategy to follow through with.

Funneling Didn’t Need a Nerf

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4

Kai’Sa has been one of the most prominent champions for the gold funneling strategy – Image via Riot Games

As we all know, 8.14 is going to bring nerfs to the gold funneling strategy. However, pro play doesn’t need those nerfs whatsoever from what we’ve observed. Any teams that tried funneling into their midlaner could be countered easily, as we saw from games like the one between UOL and ROCCAT. UOL couldn’t pull off the game that they had in mind, because ROCCAT outplayed them on a macro level. They allowed Unicorns of Love to pick a funneling comp, and then proceeded to outplay them.

They were able to predict where UOL’s funneling duo would be and won the war of objectives. Even though UOL’s Exileh was doing well in terms of farm, he just couldn’t possibly be everywhere at once. ROCCAT made sure to take advantage every time he was farming in lane, and also when he was in the jungle. A glaring weakness of the funneling strategy is that the opposing team doesn’t have to fear any ganks. ROCCAT realized this and played around it.

That’s not to say a funneling comp can’t work at all. Schalke made it work, and so did other teams. It seems balanced in pro play, but solo Q is a whole different story, which is why it’s understandable why the nerfs are landing next patch.

Misfits is the Griffin of EU LCS

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4

Misfits would have made a huge impact on Rift Rivals. They still have Worlds 2018 to prove their worth – Image via LoL Esports Flickr

We couldn’t help but wonder what might have happened if Misfits had gone to Rift Rivals instead of Splyce. What was a close victory would have been a complete massacre because Misfits are quite scary right now. They’re 8-0 as of now and are showing no signs of stopping. Unlike Griffin from the LCK, they haven’t suffered a single loss.

The entire team is more consistent than ever and have shown drastic amounts of improvements from last split. Them defeating G2 Esports was a huge deal and made them the best team in the region. Their victory in this matchup had a lot to do with Misfit’s toplaner, Alphari. He’s been a complete god this week. This statement isn’t made lightly: Alphari was able to easily solo kill Wunder, the toplaner that was terrorizing everyone during Rift Rivals.

After defeating Vitality, this team has absolutely shut down any hopes of them being beaten. Misfits have pretty much solidified their place at Worlds this year. However, we won’t make any bold claims, because if this EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4 has taught us anything, it’s that the most unexpected things can happen in this region, which includes Misfits missing the playoffs.

UOL Neon is doing well

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4

This newcomer has had a good first week. Can he keep his performance up? – Image via LoL Esports Flickr

The new ADC in Unicorns of Love has performed quite well in his first two games. He was able to play any pick his team needed and didn’t take too much of the spotlight for himself. His playstyle could be compared to SirNukesALot, who didn’t make any shock waves on his arrival, but made the right plays for his team.

Neon has been able to perform well, whether his team was winning or not. During the second game, he let Exileh make all the flashy plays, while he himself did a reasonable amount of damage on his Ezreal. He was instrumental in his team’s success against H2K, and we’re looking forward to more of him in the future.

Schalke is gaining speed

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4

Schalke 04 has the potential to make it to playoffs, just like last split – Image via LoL Esports Flickr

From what we’ve seen so far through EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4, this team could be the next one to upset the entire region. When Amazing joined Schalke as their jungler, we were hopeful that his leadership could turn things around. So far, he’s made an outstanding difference to the team. They’ve stopped throwing their early game leads and can now make comebacks even when behind.

This week was a milestone for them as they defeated two teams which could be considered better than them. Upsetting Splyce, right after they overtook Fnatic, isn’t something to scoff at. And the manner in which they did it makes the whole affair even better. Schalke were able to absolutely annihilate both their opponents this week, and they did it in style.

We’ll have to specifically mention Schalke’s midlaner, Nukeduck. He’s coming out huge for his team and was able to carry out a successful gold funnel, which saw him dive the enemy team repeatedly on his Kai’Sa. He wasn’t afraid to take risks and engage the opponents, even when some attempts went awry. In the second game, he was able to dominate his opponents with his duo-Smite Aatrox. His participation in teamfights along with the damage he dished out were imperative to Schalke’s success.

What were your favorite parts of EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 4? What do you think will become of H2K if they keep going down this path? And do you think Misfits will continue undefeated this split? Let us know in the comments below! 

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