Swain Rework Teaser Released – What we know so far

Riot has just released a teaser video on their YouTube channel for the new Swain rework that we’ve all been expecting for quite some time now. There aren’t many hints as to what the new champion could look like, and what his abilities might be.

Lore Changes

What we do know is that his lore is receiving a major overhaul. That includes his position in Noxus receiving a huge promotion, taking him to one of the top positions in the hierarchy of the somewhat villainous country.

Ability Changes

As for his abilities, it’s rumoured that his kit will be changing completely. This Swain rework will be just like Poppy’s, if you will. What we know for certain is that he won’t be a tanky, lifesteal champion anymore. Meddler from Riot gives us insight into the happenings of the development team from time to time, and in his words:

“Less stat checking drain tanking, clearer and more satisfying high moments, clearer thematic (he’s pretty scattered at present), modernization again, better recognizing his position in Noxus”

In another statement, he said that

“Swain’s kit development, so he’ll be occupied Swain work, both pre and post release, for a bit yet”

Which seems to indicate that Swain is certainly being developed from scratch. We have no idea yet as to what his new kit might look like, and can only make guesses at this point. Riot hasn’t given us anything else to work with so far. We’ll keep tabs on Swains rework, and will notify you as soon as there are any updates.


His teaser gives us a few hints to what his kit might be revolved around. For one, he has wings! And the other thing we can notice is that his hand was glowing red, which is obviously an ability of his. His wings might have something to do with mobility like Quinn, although we hope that’s not the case. On the other hand, his red glowing hand hurls us towards thinking that at least one of his abilities might be melee. This is simply guesswork, however. We’ll have to wait to see what’s in store for this champion.

What do you think this Swain rework might be like? Are you expecting a ranged juggernaut like Urgot, or a more tanky champion like Darius? Let us know in the comments below!

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