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A Full Spread of Sure Wins at the WESG - Esportsranks
A Full Spread of Sure Wins at the WESG

The WESG qualifiers are turning out to be especially good for sure wins on highly predictable matches. Sure wins may not be as exciting as matches that could cut either way, but they are a certain way to increase your ‘bank’, or to even double it, if you stake high. In recent developments, Cloud9 have evolved into a highly dominating team, casually crushing SK Gaming themselves in the opening matches of the WESG NA qualifiers. Far from the intense battle that everyone was expecting, the face off between Cloud9 and SK Gaming’s complete roster turned into an encounter in which Cloud9 ended the battle in barely eighteen rounds, while SK Gaming were able to win just two rounds in the encounter. This is the worst setback that SK Gaming have faced since boltz joined their roster.

Why did SK Gaming do so badly in the WESG Qualifiers?

Well, it could be anything, but many analysts are of the opinion that since boltz didn’t play with the team during the ELEAGUE, the team meta has been damaged slightly. Nothing that can’t be put together again, but their first matches are slightly ‘off’. Of course, it could also be that Cloud9 have just evolved into a much more effective team than they’ve ever been before. It’s now written into CS:GO history that Cloud9 put down SK Gaming with a fourteen round lead, and SK Gaming can’t really wipe that writing off the wall.

It’s great that Cloud9 are doing so well, as are mousesports, to a lesser extent, since this does not allow one or two teams to dominate the CS:GO universe. It isn’t good when just one or two ‘super-teams’ dominate, as this gives them the opportunity to throw matches and bankrupt honest bettors. A CS:GO universe where teams have to struggle for the top spot ensures that everyone does their best, making matches more predictable.

Image Credit: WESG

The Score board

Cloud9 are leading the score board with three wins and no losses, earning nine points. French Canadians come in second, with two wins and a single defeat from when they went up against SK Gaming. SK Gaming have the same number of points as French Canadians, but their round scores are far worse, which puts them at number three. Swole Patrol are at number four, with one win and two losses; they defeated subtLe by two rounds. Mythic also won one match out of four played, and it was also against subtLe. This leaves subtLe in the last place, with no wins and two losses. But weren’t there seven teams at this event? Well, Team Mexico, who only got into these qualifiers because two Mexican teams forfeited matches against them, have themselves now forfeited their chance to be a part of this event.


subtLe Vs SK Gaming, Cloud9 and French Canadians – Sure wins

We’ve seen how subtLe lost against Mythic and Swole Patrol. However, they still have three matches remaining in these qualifiers, and all three are sure wins. Their next two matches are against SK Gaming and Cloud 9, and these matches are absolutely sure wins at low odds. Remember to stake high and increase your personal bank at the start of the year. However, if you’d like better odds, subtLe is then due to go up against French Canadians, and this is another sure win, but the odds are better. This is a full spread of sure wins, so bet high and with confidence, because subtLe are going all out to lose against better teams, and can make you rich.

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Cloud9 Vs French Canadians

There is no doubt that French Canadians are the third strongest team at this event. But the skill difference between them and Cloud9 is both massive and unbridgeable. French Canadians lost against SK Gaming, scoring eleven rounds, and SK Gaming scored just two rounds against Cloud9. It will be interesting to see if Cloud9 can win against French Canadians without losing a single round. This is a sure win for Cloud9, in any case, with the odds on them running at about 1.08.

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Swole Patrol Vs SK Gaming

There’s been a string of mismatches in these qualifiers that allow us to win big on sure predictions. This is another of those. There’s no way Swole are going to win against SK Gaming, so this match is another win at low odds. But stake high, and pull in bigger winnings.

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These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.