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A Slew of Sure Wins at Great Odds in the ESEA - Esportsranks
A Slew of Sure Wins at Great Odds in the ESEA

There’s a string of matches today in the ESEA, some offering excellent odds, and a good many others offering sure wins at odds that are more than reasonable. EnVyUs Academy, with six wins and just one loss, have taken Gambit’s top spot in the ESEA. BIG, however, in their first match in the event, decimated EnVyUs Academy, and as they still have a good many matches left to play, there’s a chance they’ll be fighting it out with Gambit and EnVyUs Academy for the top spot at this event. For now, the third spot at this event is held by Pride Gaming, and they’re not going to let it go easily.

Sure Wins – EnVyUs Academy Vs FlipSid3 Tactics

This will be FlipSid3 Tactics’ first match here, and they are still one man short after seized’s loan ended. They’ve not said who the fifth man on their roster is going to be, but it’s pretty much irrelevant, as FlipSid3 Tactics have not won a single map for four months, and the combined win rates of the four core players on their roster is just forty two percent, going way back to 2016. They have little chance here, with SIXER having joined EnVyUs Academy, and with the odds running at 1.85 on EnVyUs Academy, this is an excellent chance at a sure win here.

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Team Singularity Vs Unity – Double your stake

These teams have been playing very well at this event, winning most of the matches they’ve played so far. You’re getting high odds on Unity here because they’re seen as a weaker team, and they’re playing with a new lineup. The reality is that Unity have been turning out excellent performances lately, and their new lineup has proven much better than the earlier one. Team Singularity, on the other hand, are highly unreliable. While this match could go either way, Unity do have an excellent chance at a win here, and at odds of 2.36, are certainly worth a stake.

ALTERNATE aTTaX Vs Unity – Double your stake

ALTERNATE aTTaX have played just two matches after taking on Nils “k1to” Gruhne from Berzerk. They did end up losing both those matches, but nevertheless put out some excellent performances. Their match against Asterion  went into overtime, and they lost by just five rounds to Gambit Esports. Unity do seem to be doing much better, with five wins and three losses. Nevertheless, the improvement in ALTERNATE aTTaX’s performance means that, at odds running at 2.19, they are worth putting a stake upon.

Sure Wins – EnVyUs Academy Vs Nexus Gaming

EnVyUs Academy, as we’ve already mentioned, are playing rather well. While Nexus do seem to have a reasonable record of wins, they tend to lose against teams of EnVyUs Academy’s stature. While that record may or may not improve, in the here and now, Nexus are going to go down before EnVyUs Academy. Yes, this match is a sure win for EnVyUs, and at very reasonable odds of 1.53, a stake on them would not be at all out of place.

Sure wins - EnVyUs Academy win in Gfinity Esports

Image Credit: EnVyUs Academy

Sure Wins – Sprout Vs FlipSid3 Tactics

Sprout are one of the strongest teams in these qualifiers, and FlipSid3 Tactics do not stand a chance against them. FlipSide3 Tactics are a very consistent team as regards to how reliably they lose matches, and the only surprise here is that Sprout are getting odds of 1.45 against them. Those are profitable odds for a stake on a match that is as good as money in the bank.

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Sure Wins – eXtatus Vs Asterion

EXtatus are getting very reasonable odds of 1.47 against Asterion, for a battle that is going to be completely one-sided. Asterion is a newly-formed team, and rank at a hundred and twenty nine globally, while eXtatus rank thirty one. Moreover, eXtatus are veterans of the CS:GO wars, with at least four hundred maps in hand. A good match for a heavy stake.


DIVIZON have recently won matches against reasonably tough teams, including Pride Gaming, Red Reserve, eXtatus and Stifmeister. Each of the teams here has played eight matches with their current roster and won five of them. Unity have also defeated teams like SuperJymy, Sprout and eXtatus. Overall, both teams are equally matched. Unity players, however, are more skilled than DIVIZON’s and this might go against DIVIZON. The odds on Unity are 1.77 and they could certainly win this.

Sure Wins – Pride Gaming Vs Nexus Gaming

Pride Gaming are far superior to Nexus Gaming. They have excellent skills, a better map pool, and their co-ordination is so good that they do not seem to need a coach for their team. Nexus Gaming have not won against any reasonable team before. Such a sure win does come with lower odds, with the odds on Pride Gaming running at 1.37. That’s still money in the bank.

Sure Wins – Fragsters Vs Asterion

Asterion really have no chance against Fragsters, and their decimation is all but a law of nature. All they’re going to take away from this match is experience – however, by betting on Fragsters, you can take away a good deal more than that. The odds on Fragsters aren’t exceptional, but at 1.36, they aren’t half bad either, if you place a reasonable stake.

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sure wins - fragsters

Image Credit: Fragsters

Sure Wins – Fragsters Vs Movistar Riders

Fragsters have faced off against Movistar Riders before, and gave them just five rounds while decimating them completely in that previous encounter. While Movistar play reasonably well, Fragsters are going to annihilate them here. Fragsters also have a stronger map pool, and are, all in all, a far more dominating team. If you like sure wins, this one is for you, with the odds on Fragsters running at 1.39. Bet high for very reasonably earnings.

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.