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A Series of Sure Wins at the Start of the ELEAGUE - Esportsranks
A Series of Sure Wins at the Start of the ELEAGUE

It the first Premier League of the year, with big names engaging, and the qualifiers themselves give us a series of sure wins. It’s a great entry to the premier events of the year, and a potentially extremely profitable one. Teams that failed to dominate at the PGL Major in Krakow last year must now fight to qualify here. Those teams, called the New Challengers, are Cloud9, FlipSid3 Tactic, G2 Esports, Natus Vincere, mousesports, Sprout, FaZe Clan and Vega Squadron. These New Challengers face the Minors’ Champions.

Teams that qualified for the Minors’ Champions are Space Soldiers and Team EnVyUs from Europe, Team Liquid and Misfits from America, AVANGAR and Quantum Bellator Fire from CIS, and Renegades and Flash Gaming from Asia. All these qualifying matches will be offline and best of ones, using the 16 Team Swiss System.

We told you that we’d be providing you with a series of sure wins for today, and they’re all right here. The qualifiers are a great opportunity to go all-out for wins, as teams are often mismatched, and sure wins become possible.

Sure Wins for the Day – Mousesports Vs AVANGAR

This is the first sure win for the day. Mousesports are likely to slam AVANGAR down into the dust so hard they’ll be a week catching their breath. Mousesports have been playing in excellent form, and even gave FaZe Clan a run for their money at the end of last year. They defeated teams of the standard of AVANGAR in the LOOT.BET Cup 2 without even requiring oskar to play. As a matter of fact, they were so confident that they allowed oskar a vacation.

Now that oskar is back, this is certainly a sure win

Mousesports have a sixty percent win rate in offline matches with their current lineup, with thirty two wins and twenty one losses. This is a very good win rate, since most of the those battles were against the best teams in the world. AVANGAR are not a bad team in their own tier, and have played twenty three offline matches, of which they won fourteen. This gives them a sixty one percent win rate.

Map strengths and weakness

Nuke is mousesports’ best offline map, but AVANGAR always ban it. Mousesports’ next best maps are Overpass and Train, and here AVANGAR have a miserable record. AVANGAR have performed well in Cobblestone, but have only played that map twice, which leaves them too inexperienced to face a team like mousesports there. Mirage, Inferno and Cache are the only maps on which AVANGAR have the ghost of a chance against mousesports, and they must try to get one of these if they want to make a fight of it.

Image Credit: mousesports

Do AVANGAR really have a chance against mousesports?

Of course no team is perfect, and new teams do have a chance of defeating defeat pro teams. But in this case it is too early for AVANGAR to do so. Mousesports are at their peak, and even teams like FaZe Clan and SK Gaming have a tough time against them. While the odds on mousesports are running at 1.19, this match does promise sure winnings, so stake high and multiply your winnings.

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Sure Wins for the Day – Sprout Vs Space Soldiers

This is another sure win for today. Sprout were formed by acquiring Seed’s roster (there’s a lot of irony in those names there – ‘Sprout’ comes from ‘Seed’). There are some pro veterans in their lineup, so Sprout is really a veteran team if you dig beneath the surface, and each member is very experienced. They’ve done very well against teams from their own tier. Sprout’s overall win rate is fifty four percent per match. On the other hand, Space Soldiers are very strong and deliver very consistent performances. They have played thirty seven LAN matches and won twenty six of them, with a seventy percent win rate.

Maps stats for both teams with their current lineups

Nuke is a permanent ban for both teams. It seems quite a few teams do not want to play Nuke. The reason behind this is that many pro teams are very good in Nuke, and when these new teams were formed they decided to leave Nuke alone, because they have a far better chance in other maps. Space Soldiers have a big map pool and they have never lost a map in Inferno and Cache.

This is a bad sign for Sprout because then they may have to ban these maps even though they are themselves quite good in them. There is a good chance that Space Soldiers will ban Train and Overpass, not because they are bad in these maps, but because Sprout are also good in them. This means that it’s quite possible that the match will be played in Mirage. If this happens, Space Soldiers will certainly decimate Sprout here.

A good chance for Sprout to win

Space Soldiers do have a reputation for bad picks and bans, which often backfires on them. While it’s possible that they have learned from their last encounter with AGO Gaming, they’re still not playing in form, and are likely to go down here. The odds are running at 1.51 on Sprout, with a relatively good chance of a win.

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Sure Wins for the Day – Natus Vincere Vs QBF

There’s hardly any need to formally compare these teams, and the result of this match-up is evident to most veteran fans and bettors. However, for anyone new to the CS:GO scene, here are reasons not to put your money on Quantum Bellator Fire. Natus Vincere are doing very well with the latest addition to their roster, electronic. They have participated in nine offline matches with their current roster and won seven of them, giving them a seventy seven percent win rate. QBF have won ten out of seventeen matches played in offline matches, which gives them a fifty nine percent win rate.

Image Credit: Natus Vincere

Both teams have almost the same map pool

Natus Vincere have played just five maps with electronic on their roster, but have performed very well in them. Both these teams have performed exceptionally well in Train and Nuke, with a one hundred percent win rate. These teams are reasonably good in Cobblestone as well. Both teams are proficient in Inferno. Natus Vincere have still not played Cache with their new roster, but there is little to worry about there, since QBF have never been able to win a match in Cache. Overpass is going to be a sure ban, because QBF are not confident in it and always ban it.

Why Natus Vincere cannot lose this match

Natus Vincere have faced several pro teams and defeated them after putting together their new roster. This includes teams like Heroic, Team EnVyUs and mousesports. These teams stand very much beyond QBF in both combat skill and strategic play. The new Natus Vincere even gave Gambit Esports a very good run for their money at DreamHack Open Winter last year, dragging the match into overtime five times. They also won the event after defeating mousesports in the finals. There is good chance we may see Natus Vincere in the Legends Stage. The odds are running at 1.19 on Natus Vincere, so put up a good stake here for sure winnings.

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Sure Wins for the Day – G2 Esports Vs Flash Gaming

This is the last sure win for the day. Flash Gaming are currently in rather bad shape, with one core player replaced by Ayeon, and another loaned to some other team and replaced by INNOPY. It would have been better if they had just withdrawn from the league and given some other team a chance. INNOPY has just stepped in to fill the gap in the roster, and his real role on the team is as a Manager.

This is going to be hilarious

Flash are going up against G2 Esports, one of the top five teams on the planet, and that with such an incomplete roster. The match is so one sided it seems G2 Esports can just go free for all, and do pretty much as they like in this match. They could probably go out and grab a coffee and a bite to eat between kills. There’s no need to compare these teams further. The odds are just 1.09 on G2 Esports, but put a massive stake on them for sure winnings. And if you’d like higher odds, check out our articles on low risk, high odds potential wins for today!

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These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.