A Selection of Sure Wins at Good Odds in Week Five of the ECS

ECS Season 5 is already in its second week and we can easily make out the dominating teams in each region. Astralis clearly dominate the European region with four wins and no losses. They won both their matches against FaZe Clan and Virtus.pro. Well, FaZe Clan now rank second, but they lost a match against Virtus.pro as well, and that in overtime. Is this a turning point for Virtus.pro? It well might be, but sure wins from Virtus.pro are a matter of the circumstances of a particular match.

Right now, the North American Region has been more or less taken over by NRG Esports, with six wins out of six matches played. Two of those victories were against Team Liquid, and if they manage to win even a single match against both SK Gaming and Cloud9, they could be the number one team this season.

Week two might change a good many things, but it also brings an opportunity for bettors to make some excellent profits on sure wins. Here are matches that offer the lowest possible risk, so you can choose where you want to put your stake.

Sure Wins in the ECS – Team Liquid Vs OpTic Gaming

Team Liquid will finally go up against their former player stanislaw. Yes, he is a part of OpTic Gaming now, but for some reason OpTic Gaming have not been performing as well as they did during the last season. At least on paper, OpTic Gaming now have much better players playing for them. They might need some more time to understand each other’s calls. This brings this encounter under Team Liquid’s control, and gives them a very high chance of winning their first match. That’s why this match is one of today’s sure wins. Team Liquid has odds of 1.38 on GG.bet, so do take full advantage of OpTic Gaming’s disadvantages here.

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Sure wins for Team Liquid

Image Credit: Team Liquid

Sure Wins in the ECS – NRG Esports Vs compLexity Gaming

NRG Esports’ new lineup is performing brilliantly. The six matches won were not against small fry, but against some of best teams in the North American region. That includes Team Liquid, OpTic Gaming and Renegades. At the same time compLexity Gaming lost against Rogue. This clearly shows that NRG Esports are going to decimate compLexity Gaming. GG.bet are offering odds of 1.35 on NRG Esports in this match, and this is a very good opportunity to earn on NRG. To further reduce the risk of losing your stake, bet on the first match, because here NRG Esports will have their choice of map.

Sure Wins in the ECS – Astralis Vs GODSENT

It seems that GODSENT might be off to a rough start in Season 5 of the ECS. Their very first matches are against Astralis, and Astralis are playing in very good form. Astralis are trying very hard to gain their reputation back, and there is no way that GODSENT could stop them from moving forward here. Simply looking at the performances of both of these teams will show you how much trouble GODSENT are having going up against even tier three teams. This is one of the best matches to bet on, because even though Astralis are performing so well they have odds of 1.30 on them at GG.bet.


This will be Team EnVyUs’s first match after kioShiMa rejoined them and of course they do not want start with a loss, and that against GODSENT. GODSENT are not a bad team, and have won thirty matches out of fifty two played with their current roster. But they are just not able to stand against top teams. Well, the fact is that Team EnVyUs have themselves been performing rather under par, but with kioShiMa joining their ranks will improve their gameplay significantly. Just to be on the safe side, put your stake on Team EnVyUs’ first match. The odds on them are running at 1.40, which is reasonable profit on a safe bet. But if you want to earn big, then choose GODSENT for the second match, as they have odds of 2.72 running on them and the chances of them winning are higher here than in the first match.

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Fnatic Vs Team EnVyUs

After a fantastic win at IEM Katowice 2018, Fnatic have become one of the favorites to win this event as well. Especially when you consider the fact that they are so good at online events. Team EnVyUs are also trying to regain their erstwhile reputation for excellent play, and are likely to go all out when facing Fnatic here. Let’s see how Team EnVyUs fare against GODSENT before we decide to place a stake on them. If they defeat GODSENT easily, then there is a chance they might even win a match against Fnatic. The safest bet will be to go with Fnatic, who have odds of 1.34 on them, and depending upon Team EnVyUs’ performance one could bet on them in the second match, which gives us excellent odds running at about 2.98. Patience is the best friend of the dedicated bettor.

Astralis Vs Team EnVyUs

It seems that Team EnVyUs are going to be kept very busy this week. But if they crack their matches against Fnatic and Astralis, their future will look a lot brighter than it does now. Team EnVyUs still have some hope of a win here, because Astralis have not perfected their game yet. They managed to win against FaZe Clan and SK Gaming, but at the same time lost against HellRaisers.

This shows that if Team EnVyUs can play calmly, they could well bring down Astralis here. Of course, putting your stake on Astralis in the first match gives you a relatively small return at odds of 1.25, but one can still go on to bet on Team EnVyUs in the second match, where they will get the opportunity to play their strongest map. It’s worth betting on them in this second match, since GG.bet are offering odds of 3.55 on them there.

Sure Wins for an Astralis in training

Image Credit: Astralis

Astralis Vs Fnatic

A clash between two teams who trying just about everything in an effort to make a comeback in the CS:GO universe. Both these teams know their maps, and can turn the tide anytime they choose in their best maps. Fnatic have played so well in their recent matches that Astralis have odds of 1.65 running on them for the first match. At the same time, Fnatic have a very good record in online events, and they have defeated Astralis before as well. With such a good record they still have odds of 2.10 on them, which is a great opportunity for bettors to double their stake.

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