A Sure Win Today in the Esports Championship Series

We’ve got a sure win slated for today, as Cloud9 battles Luminosity. G2 Esports are the first match for today, and they have an excellent chance of a win, but not, in our opinion, as much as Cloud9 do. The other matches today are not sure bets. Read all about it below…

G2 Esports vs Heroic

sure win ecs g2 esports vs heroic

24th October, 2017 – Match 1 (13:00 EDT) and Match 2 (14:00 EDT)

G2 Esports and Heroic have faced each other in two matches since June, 2017, and this fairly recently in the ESL Pro League. G2 Esports won both the matches against Heroic, 16:10 and 16:14. However, these matches weren’t by any means easy wins for G2 Esports. The stats show that G2 Esports have a 57% chance of a win against Heroic. G2 Esports may possibly lose one of the matches, but not both.

The odds are 2/5 on G2 Esports!

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Fnatic vs GODSENT

sure win ecs fnatic vs godsent

24th October, 2017 – Match 1 (15:00 EDT) and Match 2 (16:00 EDT)

GODSENT and Fnatic have only fought in 2 matches after GODSENT added “freddieb” to their roster in September, 2017. GODSENT defeated Fnatic in both battles, 16:12 and 16:11. This shows GODSENT can defeat Fnatic, but not without a fight. GODSENT have a 58% chance of a win against Fnatic. However, these teams are unreliable, and we do not suggest a bet on them.

Cloud9 vs Luminosity Gaming – A Sure Win

sure win ecs cloud9 vs luminosity

24th October, 2017 – Match 1 (18:00 EDT) and Match 2 (19:00 EDT)

Cloud9 and Luminosity Gaming have fought against each other in 6 matches with their current rosters. Cloud9 were able to win 5 of those. Two of the match-sets were BO3, where Cloud9 won the first 2 matches. Their most recent battle was in the ESL Pro League. There, Luminosity Gaming managed to win a match against Cloud9.

Cloud9’s win-rate – 83% per match and 66% per round.

Luminosity Gaming’s win-rate – 17% per match and 34% per round.

Cloud9 have a 66% better chance of winning a match against Luminosity Gaming. This is the best bet of the day. There’s a considerable difference in levels of skill here. Of course, Luminosity Gaming defeated Team Liquid last week in both matches. But then Team Liquid have lost against teams like Ghost Gaming. Cloud9 are not Team Liquid.

The odds are 2/9 on Cloud9!

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Immortals vs Luminosity Gaming

sure win ecs immortals vs luminosity

24th October, 2017 – Match 1 (20:00 EDT) and Match 2 (21:00 EDT)

After a slew of losses, week after week, Immortals finally won a match against NRG Esports – and without “boltz” playing, no less.  This will be Luminosity Gaming’s and Immortals’ first face off after the recent changes made to Immortals’ roster. “Boltz” will be playing in these matches against Luminosity Gaming.

Immortals’ win-rate – 33% per match.

Luminosity Gaming’s win-rate – 67% per match.

Luminosity Gaming does have the upper hand here. But the matches could go either way. Immortals are desperate for a win, and could take Luminosity Gaming by surprise. Immortals are not doing too well, but if we compare these teams’ players they all are in the same league. A bet on this game is a coin toss, so bet only if you prefer that sort of thing.

These are the most carefully formulated betting and match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles.

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