Want to play CSGO in the Arctic? Subzero, the icebound CSGO map, releases soon…

There’s a new CSGO map on Steam, centered around bomb defusal, and it’s by none other than Shawn Snelling, also known as FMPONE. Who is Snelling? He’s none other than the man who helped create Cache, and who also created Santorini. The new map is called Subzero, and it will be on Steam this Saturday. The map is supposed to be located in the Arctic, somewhere near the North Pole. We have no idea why someone would travel all the way there to plant a bomb, and why someone else would be defusing it, but hey, that’s CSGO.

Arctic conditions

Subzero consists of a sprawling base and the, well, ‘subzero’ conditions are very much in evidence. There are lots of signs that warn you about terrorists and polar bears (would those two cancel out each other? Or can terrorists handle bears?). You are warned to go nowhere without a weapon.

This CSGO map is tactically complex and fun to play

There are a good number of sightlines, with constricted corridors balanced by open areas where a team can lay down a cross-fire. Many walls in this CSGO map allow a shot to pass through them, allowing for advanced tactical sniping and an advantage for teams that can accurately ‘call’ opponents’ positions. There are also high areas in the map that can be reached by team-members boosting each other up, and which allow for a more comprehensive sighting of the entire map.

There are even amazing terrorist models for the map

Yes, the terrorists on this CSGO map aren’t wearing the usual tan outfits that are ‘chic’ this season in CSGO terrorist circles. The terrorists in Subzero wear snow camouflage, with berets that are either red or black. Some are even more fashionable, donning ski goggles that are either dark-tinted, or even tinted rose. Yes, these terrorists look good.

How about the Counter Terrorists?

Well, there’s a bit of a disappointment there. It seems that whatever government organization puts together CT outfits refused to spring for cool arctic wear. So while the Terrorists go about snug and warm, the CTs shiver in the usual stuff they always wear in Miami.

What’s it with these bureaucracies and red tape, that a duty-bound cop isn’t issued snow camouflage on a mission to the Arctic? Well, perhaps we’ll see an upgrade somewhere along the line. Just as soon as form XB-5767584A273 is filled. And stamped. And cleared by Desk Three-oh-Five. Well, we’re just kidding, but an upgrade to the CT graphics is a definite possibility in future.

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