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Stokes Rebels Against Tekkz Dominance in Global Series Playoffs - Esportsranks
Stokes Rebels Against Tekkz Dominance in Global Series Playoffs

Tom Stokes of Rebel FC was the shock victor vs Donovan “F2Tekkz” Hunt in the final of this weekends Xbox Global Series Playoffs, putting a pause to what has increasingly looked like an end-of-season victory parade for FIFA 19’s No.1 player.

It was a tight final that saw Rebel Stokes edge in front with 2 goals in the last 30 minutes that ultimately sealed the tie for the Englishman in the last major before the eWorld Cup.

This was Stokes’ first major trophy and he takes home the top prize of $75,000 and 1,800 Global Series Points. Qualification for the eWorld Cup had already been secured for Stokes but with this victory, he climbs the table to 5th behind Megabit, PSG Daxe Rogue Msdossary and F2Tekkz in the Xbox Global Series Rankings.

While F2Tekkz still sits in the No.1 spot in the Global Series Rankings, this defeat may dent his confidence, and inspire others, before the eWorld Cup.

Kurt Fails To Qualify For eWorld Cup After Late Surge

Kurt Fenech Kurt04011 Global Series Playoffs Xbox

This was an important tournament for many of the participants with it being the last chance to gain Global Series Points. 

Only the top 16 from each console would qualify for the eWorld Cup and the pressure was on for many of the sports biggest personalities to secure their place.

Fan-favourite Kurt “Kurt04011” Fenech was one of those. He came into the tournament with nothing but total victory being enough. It was the sort of story that excites the man from Malta and we went into the tournament with his usual swagger. 

But it ended in disappointment. He started and ended Day 3 with a quarter-final tie vs F2Tekkz. It was a game that had everything, goals, controversy and an incident that almost sent Kurt into a frenzy. 

It was another example of the infamous “kick-off goal,” late into the 2nd leg the ball was passed around by Tekkz with Kurt seemingly unable to get a man to close down or have any positive effect on what was going on around him. When Tekkz put it into the back of the net Kurt became incensed and threw his controller onto the desk. Shaun “Shellzz” Springette, who was there as Kurt’s coach worked to calm him down and to give credit where it’s due Kurt returned to the game and gave a good account of himself. Finishing with a brilliant goal by R9 but it would be too little too late. 

Kurt finishes the season 35th in the rankings and looking back he must be bitterly disappointed to end a season that started with a competitive ban, with not getting to compete at a tournament he would of certainly of qualified for under different circumstances.

The Xbox Global Series Playoffs – Rogue Finish Big

Rogue Esports Msdossary GoalMachine Nraseck GLobal Series Playoffs

It was a big weekend for Rogue esports. Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary, Nawid “GoalMachine” Noorzai and Nicklas “Nraseck” Raseck all secured qualification with Nraseck doing so with a win over his teammate Msdossary in the quarter-final. If there was a trophy for the best team in FIFA – Rogue Esports would be an obvious winner.

Elsewhere there was elation for Wolves’ Ébio “Ebinho” Bernardes – he secured the last qualification spot in the most nail-biting of circumstances. Having already been knocked out he needed his compatriot and friend – Vini Leiva to lose in his semi-final match vs Rebel Stokes with a win meaning Vini would take his spot.

That’s just what happened and Ebinho was clearly in a state of shock in his post-match interview only able to make noises that suggested he couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

Up Next – The Playstation Global Series Playoffs

PlayStation Global Series Playoffs

The Xbox side has been wrapped up and now it’s time for the top 64 PlayStation players to book their place in the eWorld Cup.

The field is open on PlayStation, Argentina’s Nicolas “Nicolas99FC” Villalba currently sits atop and can’t be overtaken, but it’s further down the leaderboard where it gets interesting. 

Big name players such as Agge “North Agge” Rosenmeier, Damian “Roma Damie” Augustyniak and Shellzz sit just outside the 16 qualification spots and obviously not everyone can qualify so it’s set to be a thrilling weekend of competitive FIFA.

We don’t have to wait long either with the PlayStation Global Series Playoffs taking place next week in Berlin with the event kicking off on Friday 11th of July and running throughout the weekend.

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