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Starladder i-League Invitational Season 3 Day 1 Betting Odds - Esportsranks
Starladder i-League Invitational Season 3 Day 1 Betting Odds

Starladder and i-League’s Dota Invitational Season 3 will be the first time we’re going to see Dota 2 teams in LAN action since Team Liquid took home the Aegis of Champions in Seattle.

With that said, a lot of uncertainty surrounds the event, mostly as to how these newly formed teams will perform in an actual LAN setting.

Read on more below as we break down which bets are the wisest for the betting men out there.

Vici Gaming vs SG e-sports

Dota Invitational Season 3

Image via Vici Gaming

Unless SG e-sports somehow makes it out of the Dota Invitational Season 3 group stages, their matchup against Vici Gaming is probably as lopsided as betting odds can get the entire tournament.

According to Bet365, SG e-sports are currently 15/2 odds to take the series. So, should you bet on them and they win, you’re going to make a little over more than seven and a half times your original money.

Of course, that’s a big risk and while anything can happen, betting on the more skilled, talented and experienced Vici Gaming to lose against the mostly inexperienced SG e-sports isn’t the most logical of decisions.

GGbet gives a +1.5 handicap to SG e-sports at 3.67 odds, which is probably worth the risk — if SG e-sports wins at least one game in the BO3, you win — if you’re really looking to make bank on this matchup.

Betting: Vici Gaming to go 2-0 at 1/3 (Bet365)

Mineski vs Team Liquid

Dota Invitational Season 3

Image via Mineski

Team Liquid vs Mineski is a more even matchup compared to Vici Gaming vs SG e-sports. However, the betting odds still heavily favour the TI7 champs, because why not? They are the best Dota 2 team in the world, after all, unless otherwise proven.

How much you’re willing to risk here should depend on how big of a factor you think rust will be; Team Liquid hasn’t played in an official match in two months. Of course, Newbee, the TI7 runner-ups, looked sharp in their first taste of official action last week, but that’s them, and historically, teams from China are known for scrimming much harder and more often.

Still, Team Liquid should have this one in the bag, by virtue of their sheer collective skill and talent as a team. The fact that they didn’t change their lineup and that the current patch heavily favours their early-game, objective-based playstyle also help mitigate, if only ever so slightly, the effect of rust on the team.

If you’re going for an underdog bet, however, you could do worse than betting on Mineski. 

Betting: Mineski map handicap at +1.5 (GGbet)

Team Liquid vs Vici Gaming (Tentative)

Barring an upset in the earlier matches, the final match of the day, which will decide who moves on to the playoffs, should be between Team Liquid and Vici Gaming.

If we go by match history, Team Liquid has beaten every team that has beaten Vici Gaming, often quite handily. But of course, that was then, and we don’t exactly have any idea just what kind of form Team Liquid will show in their first Dota 2 LAN tournament of the season.

As such, expect this matchup to be as tightly contested as possible.

Day 1 of the Starladder Dota Invitational Season 3

The first day of the Starladder i-League Invitational Season 3 Minor tournament will kick off at 12:00 on October 12 with Vici Gaming taking on SG e-sports. This will be followed by Team Liquid vs Mineski at 15:00. To end the day, the 1st-place decider matchup for Group A will take place at 18:00.

You can watch the tournament live at the Cybersport Arena in Kiev, or via Twitch or the Dota 2 in-game client.

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