Starladder i-League Invitational Season 3 Day 2 Betting Odds

Day 2 of the Starladder Invitational Minor will see Newbee, CompLexity Gaming, Team Secret and Natus Vincere battle it out to see who will be the first from Group B to secure a slot in the playoffs.

Read on more below as we attempt to break down the odds for the betting men out there.

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Newbee vs CompLexity Gaming

Starladder Invitational

Image via Newbee

At first glance, Newbee should have this one in the bag. After all, they’re the best Dota 2 team in China up against the 2nd best team in North America, on a good day.

GGbet has CompLexity Gaming at 3.76 odds to take the series. Meanwhile, Bet365 has them at 10/11 odds to take at least a map off. The former is worth considering, especially after the massive upset that SG e-sports pulled off yesterday against Vici Gaming.

Then again, that was Vici GamingFor all the hype about them being one of the best Dota 2 teams in China, the fact remains that they were playing in their first LAN tournament together. Meanwhile, Newbee’s current lineup has stayed together through thick and thin for the past year.

With so much experience playing together to draw on, Newbee won’t tilt as much and aren’t likely to be on the wrong end of an upset this early on in the tournament.

Betting: Newbee to win the series at 4/11 (Bet365)

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Team Secret vs Natus Vincere

Starladder Invitational

Image via Team Secret

Anyone willing to risk betting on Natus Vincere in this match up better pray that they get the same Natus Vincere that secured 2 straight qualifier tournaments to open up the season. Because if not, Team Secret won’t have much problem sweeping this series.

Coming into the Starladder Invitational Minor with a 92% win rate for the season and having yet to lose a single game with Adrian ‘Fata’ Trinks in their lineup, don’t count on Team Secret to start losing favourable matchups anytime soon.

If that’s not enough, according to datdota, Team Secret are 6-0 against Natus Vincere since May of this year.

Considering that the betting odds aren’t that good for Natus Vincere taking at least a map off (1/1 bet365), you’re better off going the safer route in this matchup.

Betting: Team Secret to win at 1.21 (ggbet)

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1st-Place Decider Group B

In all likelihood, Newbee and Team Secret should be the last two teams standing by the end of the day.

Considering both teams have similar odds to take the entire tournament at 7/2 (bet365), expect the odds between their matchup to reflect that.

Should that be the case, Team Secret are worth betting on as their tendency to experiment with different lineups might give Newbee some problems. However, if you’re looking for something safe, bet on Newbee to be the first from Group B to secure a spot in the playoffs.

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Starladder Invitational Season 3 Day 2

Newbee and CompLexity Gaming will kick off Day 2 of the Starladder i-League Invitational Season 3 tournament, followed by the matchup between Team Secret and Natus Vincere before the day ends with the 1st-place decider matchup for Group B.

You can watch the tournament live at the Cybersport Arena in Kiev, or via Twitch or the Dota 2 in-game client.

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