Starladder i-League Invitational Season 4 Minor Preview

It’s only been a few days since we saw Newbee get their revenge against Team Liquid in the Grand Finals of ESL One Genting 2018, and yet we’ve got another Minor in our hands, with the Starladder i-League Invitational Season 4 Minor, organized by Starladder and ImbaTV, set to kick off on February 1-4 in Shanghai, China.

The tournament may be relatively smaller in scale, but the attendees are no slouch. Much like in Season 3, both Team Liquid and Newbee received direct invites to the main event. Meanwhile, six other Dota 2 teams from each of the competitive regions will join the two powerhouses in the LAN Finals.

While it certainly looks like we’re going to see yet another rematch between Team Liquid and Newbee in the Grand Finals once again, don’t count out the other teams just yet. Mineski are surely eager to prove that they’re a legitimate top-tier team after bombing out early last week at ESL One Genting. Meanwhile, Team Kinguin are not one to sleep on, as we’ve seen in their performance so far throughout the season. And with LGD Gaming’s looking the best they’ve had all season long with an all-new lineup, who knows?

Having said that, if you’re eager to jump into the Starladder i-League Invitational Season 4 Minor, but don’t know how and where to start, then we’ve got exactly just what you need below.

What’s At Stake?

The Starladder i-League Invitational Season 4 Minor will be the 9th Minor of the season and 11th Pro Circuit tournament overall. Similar to pretty much every other Minor (except for ESL One Genting), participating teams will be fighting over a prize pool of $300,000 and 300 Qualifying Points.

Prize and Qualifying Points distribution are as follows:
1st Place — $135,000 / 150 Qualifying Points
2nd Place — $60,000 / 90 Qualifying Points
3rd/4th Place — 30,000 / 30 Qualifying Points

Anyone interested in watching the tournament can do so in the Dota 2 client, YouTube, and Twitch for free, or live at Shanghai, China.

Official Tournament Format

Official Coverage:

Starladder i-League Invitational Season 4 Minor will kick things off with a best-of-three “GSL” format group stages. Though technically still a double-elimination format, GSL-style differs in that the winners of the first two matches will play each other for top seed. The losing teams will then fight it out for an elimination match for the second seed. All matches in the group stages will be a best-of-three.

The eight participating Dota 2 teams were separated into two groups of four prior to the start of the event.

LGD Gaming Team Kinguin
complexity Gaming Mineski
Team Liquid Newbee
Infamous Team Empire

Below is an illustration of how the format works to make it easier to understand:

Starladder i-League Invitational Season 4 Minor


The group stages will take up three days of the event, with the one-day playoffs on Sunday featuring both best-of-three semifinals matches and the best-of-five grand finals.

Tournament Schedule:

All dates and times listed are based on CET unless otherwise stated. Match start times are subject to change depending on the length of the previous match.

February 1

LGD Gaming vs compLexity Gaming (0500H / 05:00 AM)
Team Liquid vs Infamous (0800H / 08:00 AM)
Group A Upper Bracket Final (1100H / 11:00 AM)

February 2

Team Kinguin vs Mineski (0500H / 05:00 AM)
Newbee vs Team Empire (0800H / 08:00 AM)
Group B Upper Bracket Final (1100H / 11:00 AM)

February 3

Elimination Match Group A (0300H / 03:00 AM)
Elimination Match Group B (0600H / 06:00 AM)
Lower Bracket Final Group A (0900H / 09:00 AM)
Lower Bracket Final Group B (1200H / 12:00 NN)

February 4

Semifinals (0300H / 03:00 AM)
Semifinals (0600H / 06:00 AM)
Grand Finals (1000H / 10:00 AM)

Be sure to check out our Dota 2 power rankings for the Starladder i-League Invitational Season 4 Minor for a complete breakdown of how each participating team in the tournament stacks up against each other.

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