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Starladder i-League Invitational Season 3 Day 3 Betting Odds - Esportsranks
Starladder i-League Invitational Season 3 Day 3 Betting Odds

If there’s one thing we learned from the first two days of the Starladder i-League 3, it’s that upsets are pretty much the norm these days. Save for Team Liquid, all the heavy favorites — Vici Gaming, Newbee and Team Secret — found themselves on the wrong end of a massive upset.

With that said, below are our betting predictions for Day 3 of the Starladder i-League 3 for the betting men out there.

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Mineski vs Vici Gaming

Starladder i-League 3

Image via Mineski

Against LAN neophytes, Mineskithe talent-laden Vici Gaming have a chance to bounce back. But, it all depends on their current mentality as a team. After all, they did just lose quite convincingly to a 20:1 underdog.

Mineski, meanwhile, can take pride that they nearly took a game off of the TI7 champions. Though they did get swept all the same.

Vici Gaming, according to bet365, are currently at 8/13 odds to win the series and 7/4 to go 2-0. The latter is worth risking on if you believe in Vici Gaming’s potential to shake off the LAN jitters and outdo their initial performance.

If you’re going for a safer bet, though, Vici Gaming going 2-1 at 12/5 (bet365) is more logical. Although, you might want to consider Mineski winning the match at 1.93 (ggbet) if you feel that Vici Gaming are going to choke again.

Betting: Mineski to go 2-1 at 3/1 (bet365)

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Newbee vs Team Secret

Starladder i-League 3

Image via Team Secret

The result of this series will have a huge effect on the odds for the entire tournament; both are favoured to win the tournament at 7/2 after all.

As far as who will win this particular matchup, Team Secret’s playstyle could give Newbee fits. The TI7 runner ups don’t exactly do well against teams that sort of force their playstyle against their opponents.

Should Xu ‘Moogy’ Han have an off series once again, Newbee’s chances of winning a series against Team Secret are very slim.

Betting: Team Secret to go 2-1 at (bet365)

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Group A and Group B Decider

Now, this is where the betting gets tricky.

If the Group A 2nd-place decider ends up being between Mineski and SG e-sports, don’t expect Mineski to make the same mistakes as Vici Gaming did. Although, if it is a rematch, Vici Gaming most likely will have already learned from their earlier mistakes as well, and will likely ban out the heroes that gave them so much trouble in their earlier matchup.

Team Liquid already exposed SG e-sports’ weakness as a team and if either Mineski or Vici Gaming took notes, a sweep is highly likely. Although, if the betting odds are favourable, you might want to bet on SG e-sports taking at least one game off of either team.

For Group B, a Team Secret vs Natus Vincere rematch would be too close to call, which the odds should reflect. I’d recommend skipping on betting on that match should it happen. However, if it’s going to be Newbee vs Natus Vincere, the former should be able to handle the latter’s playstyle and is a safe bet to advance to the Starladder i-League 3 playoffs.

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