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Spring Split 2018 EU LCS Week 4 Preview - Esportsranks
Spring Split 2018 EU LCS Week 4 Preview

Our vision continues to hover above Team Vitality as we’re curious about just how dominant this team has been throughout the Spring Split 2018 EU LCS. They’re just too good, and rightfully so, they’re now on top of the proverbial ladder. Are they the best team in the region? No doubt, and it looks like they’re not keen on sharing it with anyone just yet.

If Vitality has shown us anything, they know how to adapt, and they know how to keep going. They’ve also taught their rival teams to ban Ryze when playing against them, because Jiizuke is a monster on that champion.

In other news, both G2 Esports and Fnatic saw a ray of hope during week 3 of the Spring Split 2018 EU LCS. It went especially well for G2 as they were able to win both their matchups for the week and regain some of their lost dignity. Fnatic lost a game over to Misfits but seeing that they’re one of the most daunting teams right now, we’ll let that one slide.

Week 4 of the Spring Split 2018 EU LCS looks like another perk for G2 Esports because it’s highly likely that they’ll have an upper hand over their opponents. The teams that are doing well seem like they’ll receive a boost in their ego during this week, and we’ll analyze why that is so.

The Heavy Favourites

Well, what do you know? None of these teams are going up against each other this week, and will likely climb up even higher in the EU LCS ladder.


Fnatic should have been in a much better position than where they are now. However, they could have been much worse too, and the fact that they’re still standing indicates that they could climb further still.

Rekkles in particular impressed us with his plays last week and is in a position to carry his team to victory this week. That, coupled with Caps’ determination to keep climbing is sure to give this team a turnaround. Their ambitions can’t be questioned, and it’s clear that they’re aiming for another shot at the Worlds cup this year.

In fact, they must be aiming to go even further in the international stage this year, so we can definitely look for improvements to come from this team.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports finally look like they’re on the rise. Last week gave them two victories, pulling them out of the ditch they had dug for themselves. The victories, as can be seen from Perkz’s tweet, seem to have energized the team and increased their motivation to keep going.

Don’t forget that G2 Esports were by far the strongest team of the EU LCS last year. Even if the audience has forgotten that, the team hasn’t. They’ll be working harder than ever to ensure that they reach their former position, and perhaps give us a better show at Worlds this year, if they make it there.


They came out of nowhere and are out for everyone’s blood. Team Vitality is one of the two main contenders to win the split right now. Misfits are the only team that Vitality has to keep an eye out for. Everyone else seems to simply crumble against Vitality’s endless outplays and perfectly orchestrated macro plays.

While Jiizuke has received a lot of hype (rightfully so), we can’t forget about the rest of the team. Vitality’s jungler is perhaps the most aggressive and mechanically gifted player in the region. Meanwhile, Minitroupax has worked pretty hard on his skills and makes sure he can carry games on his ADCs.

The entire team is packed and ready for victory, and if they keep going like they are now, victory will surely keep coming their way.


Last, but definitely not the least, Misfits are included in our list. Misfits often find their way into our favorites list and will probably keep revisiting as long as they keep their games clean like they’ve done thus far.

Misfits are the only one to have beaten Vitality in a game so far, which makes us hopeful that they’ll be able to do it again. They could very well become Vitality’s kryptonite, but we’ll have to wait for that to happen. Till then, we’re sure this team will keep winning its matches, because other teams don’t look like they’ll be able to match it any time soon.

The Underdogs

Unicorns of Love

Spring Split 2018 EU LCS

Unicorns of Love – via LoL Esports flickr

The Unicorns of Love actually won a match last week as we had predicted. We knew they’d win against H2K. We also said that their victory against H2K would spell a new start for this team where they would start winning matches just like last year.

However, this week’s matches will be extremely tough for them and there’s little hope of them succeeding. Should they win any one of those matches against Fnatic or G2, we’ll know that the tables have begun to turn for this team. That’ll mark the beginning of UOL’s second rise in the Spring Split 2018 EU LCS.


During the first week of the Spring Split 2018 EU LCS, we thought H2K held great potential when they defeated Fnatic. This team looked like they’d climb just like Giants have. However, they’ve failed to do so up till now. The problem with this team is that they’re struggling to coordinate themselves properly like other teams.

Misplays on a macro scale during the mid-game often cost them the match. It’s yet to be seen if this team can make a turnaround. However, unlike UOL, we aren’t placing any bets on this team.

Must Watch Matches

Fnatic vs. Unicorns of Love

Time and Date: Friday 9/02, 21:00 CET

Fnatic haven’t been doing so well, and neither have UOL. This match should jog their memories from last year when they were on top. We’re expecting some high-level plays between these teams. This match is a great chance for UOL to make a comeback into the spotlight.

Vitality vs. Splyce

Time and Date: Saturday 10/02, 17:00 CET

Vitality is dominating right now, and it will be entertaining to see what becomes of a less celebrated team going against them. Splyce is by no means a bad team right now, but they aren’t performing as well as Vitality. However, it can be expected that Splyce will have a strategy in place when going up against them.

G2 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love

Time and Date: Saturday 10/02, 21:00 CET

Once again, the gods of the old age (or a year ago), will go up against each other. G2 and UOL were in the finals of the summer split last year. A face off between these two teams could be an exciting match to watch, and we’re looking forward to it.

What are you looking forward to the most in Week 4 of the Spring Split 2018 EU LCS? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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