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Spring Split 2018 EU LCS Week 4 Day 1 - Rekkles Wins Huge - Esportsranks
Spring Split 2018 EU LCS Week 4 Day 1 – Rekkles Wins Huge

The first day of week 4 of the Spring Split 2018 EU LCS saw us staring in disbelief as teams made dramatic and outrageous plays. Not a single match was one-sided as we had expected, and even though the scoreboard now displays some teams as better, what happened during these games tells a different story. Almost all these teams are on a comparable level, and it won’t take much for them to make a turnaround and take the region by storm.

H2K vs. Splyce

The first match of week 4 of the Spring Split 2018 EU LCS started off just as we had predicted it would. H2K were absolutely no match for Splyce, although they did look like they had a winning chance mid-game. The game was somewhat decided during the draft phase when Splyce went for a siege comp with Caitlyn and Janna. H2K drafted a Zoe on their team, but this move was countered by Splyce’s decision to answer this with a Twisted Fate on Nisqy.

Twisted Fate turned out to be the best decision of the day for Splyce. They got first blood in the top lane after an ult by Nisqy and Odoamne on his Camille. This was repeated once again, setting Smittyj much further back in the game than he’d like. After that, however, the game kept stalling. Splyce’s attempts at sieging weren’t working, and the game was passing by without any occurrences.

This all changed at 29 minutes when a team fight in the mid lane cost H2K another death and gave over an infernal to Splyce. The game once again began to stall. H2K’s aim was to try and keep going beyond the mid-game, when Caitlyn and Twisted Fate would lose meaning. This dream couldn’t see the light of day – Nisqy made yet executed another ult on Smittyj, now in the bot lane, and got a kill on him. From there on, Odoamne and Nisqy proceeded to take H2K’s bottom inhibitor. The rest of H2K couldn’t follow up since Splyce were actively engaging them.

H2K’s fate was sealed when they got greedy (or nervous) and tried to rush the Baron. This went badly for them, and even though they got the Baron, Splyce took out most of their team and finished off their Nexus.

ROCCAT vs. Team Vitality

ROCCAT started this game off with quite the confident move of picking Ryze in the mid lane. Jiizuke has so far been a monster on that champion, which made it important to take it away from him. Jiizuke picked an Azir as the response.

The early game was filled with backs and forths, with Gilius invading Momento early on to steal his blue and almost killed him in as well. Jiizuke closely missed death after a well-timed gank by Momento. The first half of the game was as uneventful as the ending of the game was action-packed. Vitality had the late game composition with the Gangplank and Varus, and ROCCAT was looking to end the game swiftly.

The game started going in their favour when Profit took first turret blood. Vitality had a close team fight where they barely escaped with their lives after taking the Rift Herald. Blanc took the first blood after a well-timed combo with Norskeren, which allowed them to take a top turret.

There were a few teamfights between the teams, and ROCCAT ended up taking the baron. All this time, team Vitality was scaling up for the late game. However, ROCCAT had impressive macro plays, and for every move that Vitality made, ROCCAT seemed way ahead of them, getting positive trades in terms of objectives every time.

Vitality’s defence was impenetrable

Things looked like they would permanently shift in the favour of Vitality when they won a team fight and had almost rushed the Baron. This was when Momento made a miraculous steal, buying ROCCAT a chance at victory. ROCCAT were quick to take advantage of this, rushing two turrets and inhibitors in the top and bot lane.

ROCCAT tried with all their might to push in Vitality, but they wouldn’t budge. This went on till both the inhibitors respawned, and ROCCAT had barely landed a single auto attack on the mid inhibitor turret. The game was starting to turn in Vitality’s favour, but Momento made yet another miraculous steal, giving his team another chance at victory.

However, once again, Vitality’s defenses, as they always have this Spring Split 2018 EU LCS, proved impenetrable. ROCCAT kept struggling to overcome Vitality for what seemed like an eternity.

ROCCAT finally had to lay off, and Momento couldn’t make a third steal of the Baron that Vitality was taking. Vitality’s push was far stronger than ROCCAT’s, and they were able to take the mid inhibitor with a single push. The game seemed to be ending at a base race which both teams called off. ROCCAT won a final team fight which could have led to their victory, but as they were about to storm Vitality’s base, Minitroupax teleported into ROCCAT’s base and started dismantling it, giving the never-ending game a fitting end.

Giants vs. Misfits

The ‘match of the week’ of this week’s Spring Split 2018 EU LCS was going just as we had predicted for the first half of the game. The Giants, however, gave us a run for our money. From the start, the Giants had a late-game scaling comp while Misfits wanted to end the game quickly.

First Blood went to Giants after a misplay by Sencux which resulted in him losing flash, Stopwatch and ult. A team fight went over Giants’ way at 12 minutes. Now, even though Giants were far ahead in kills, they were still behind in gold due to Misfits’ farming and use of Kleptomancy on Gangplank.

Misfits were able to turn everything around when a team fight went south for Giant, absolutely evening up the KD ratio for the teams. They were far ahead in objectives and became even more so after a Baron and mid turret. They were above 8K gold by now and were looking to finish off the game. There was a crushing amount of pressure by Misfits from all sides of the map.

Giants stalled to relieve themselves of some of this pressure, and their patience paid off. They got a Baron at 30 minutes coupled with an even team fight in the Baron pit. 10 minutes later, Giants simply grouped in a bush and camped Misfits, winning the team fight outright and simply ending the game in a shocking surprise. The gold difference was still in Misfits’ favour, but Giants didn’t seem to care.

Fnatic vs. Unicorns of Love

Both teams had aggressive team comps for this game, and it was clear that they were in it to win. The first blood went over to Rekkles after some help from Broxah. Caps received a lot of pressure in the mid lane early on, and was in a tough spot having to face a Corki on his Galio. Despite all this, he was able to make an amazing outplay which resulted in a failed gank by UOL with two of their members dead. At this point, a hard wombo combo was expected by Fnatic due to their team composition, which had multiple layers of crowd control and heavy damage.

WhiteKnight was able to destroy sOAZ in a 1v1 in the bot lane, and a team fight went over the UOL at 14 minutes, even though Fnatic played well, and took the Rift Herald. During all this time, Caps had maintained a reasonably good creep score and the gold difference between the teams was nominal.

There was a huge teamfight at 21 minutes, and although no one died, UOL got a taste of what Fnatic’s team fights were capable of. Fnatic took a turret as UOL looked to back. Things started to look bright for the Unicorns when a team fight went in their way even though Exileh was dead. They proceeded to kill Fnatic’s jungler and took the Baron.

Fnatic’s Comeback – A Sign of Things to Come

UOL were able to push till Fnatic’s mid inhibitor, but that’s when Fnatic pulled off their long-awaited wombo combo. The endless chain of knockups and insane damage deleted the Unicorns of Love except for WhiteKnight, who had to run like the wind to avoid dying. Fnatic were unstoppable from that point on, making pics all across the map.

The game ended with an all in by Fnatic on UOL’s Nexus. Even though all of Fnatic except for Rekkles died before the Nexus went down, he didn’t try to escape. Rather, he waited for the next minion wave and proceeded to hack down the Nexus while 3 members of UOL were trying to take him down, ending the game.

G2 Esports vs. Schalke 04

G2 threw in the gauntlet by picking Zoe in the mid lane, and Nukeduck responded with a surprise LeBlanc pick. The early game had pressure on Schalke due to Jankos. However, Schalke still had the upper hand right until the very end of the game. Schalke managed to destroy half of G2’s base before they made a good team fight.

The game was full of outplays by Perkz and Nukeduck on each other, but G2 came out on top eventually due to their heavy poke comp. After winning another team fight, G2 took the game to Schalke’s base to end the game and Day 1 of Week 4 of Spring Split 2018 EU LCS.


These were some amazing games we got to see yesterday on Day 1 of Week 4 of Spring Split 2018 EU LCS. However, the level of plays, although highly entertaining, left us wanting. If EU wants to make a mark on the international stage this year, they’re going to have to step up their macro game by a whole lot.

Teams don’t have their teamwork down yet. This is mainly due to the heavy roster changes at the start of the year. Even now, G2 is much more comfortable with their playstyle and team. Fnatic also had similar problems with teamwork but are now looking much more confident.

If the teams continue to develop at such a pace, then we’re in for a good show this year in the Spring Split 2018 EU LCS.

Which match of Day 1 of Week 4 of Spring Split 2018 EU LCS surprised you the most? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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