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A Full Spread of CS:GO Betting Tips - All Predictable Matches at Great Odds - Esportsranks
A Full Spread of CS:GO Betting Tips – All Predictable Matches at Great Odds

If you’ve been searching for betting tips on highly predictable matches at great odds, here’s a whole slew of them, excellent picks for all the top events today. Our analysts have gone over all the running matches, picking the most predictable ones that offer the best returns. Right at the top of that list, of course, are the teams presently facing off in the CS_Summit 2, including heavyweights SK Gaming and Cloud9. SK Gaming and Cloud9 have completely dominated the CS_Summit 2, with none of the other participating teams really able to stand against them.

The only team that put up a good fight against SK Gaming was North, in their second match with that team, as they dragged the match into overtime two times. Cloud9, on the other hand, have been sweeping through the event, decimating teams left and right, effortlessly making the Winners’ Final. Those who win here will enter the Grand Finals, while the losers will get another shot at victory in the Losers’ Final. The Grand Finals are going to be a best of five, so SK Gaming are likely to dominate there once the dust has settled. Let’s look at the matches in the CS_Summit first, before going on to the rest of the high-odds matches for today.

Betting Tips for the CS_Summit 2

SK Gaming Vs Cloud9

No one here has quite forgotten Cloud9’s epic conquest of SK Gaming in the ELEAGUE Semifinals. But, let’s face it, SK Gaming were just not operating at full strength in the ELEAGUE, as they later demonstrated by decimating Cloud9 in a best of three in the WESG NA. Today, these lethal teams meet in an epic rematch, and the result is all too predictable. SK Gaming are going to put Cloud9 down here. That’s good news for the opportunistic bettor, because Cloud9 are seen as a team with a reasonable chance of a win here, and the odds are running at about 1.76 on SK Gaming. It’s rare that one has the opportunity to place a stake on SK Gaming at reasonable odds, so this isn’t a chance to let slip.

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Team Liquid Vs Torqued

Team Liquid surprised the CS:GO universe when they benched jdm64, their dependable stay-cool ace marksman. Nevertheless, they then went on to decimate Ninjas in Pyjamas with their new roster. However, the Ninjas are legendary as a team that no bettor can depend upon. Liquid then went up against Cloud9, and that team ground them into the dust.

All of us remember a time when Cloud9 and Team Liquid were rather equally matched. That isn’t the case anymore, and analysts are asking if Liquid have done the right thing by throwing out stanislaw and jdm64. The team might end up like Fnatic, who replaced olofmeister and dennis, and then were far less effective than they had been before. Torqued are not a bad team themselves, having defeated Vega Squadron 2-0. Team Liquid are the ones to choose for this match, with odds of 1.25, which are not too good, but not too bad either.

North Vs Heroic

North’s roster changes, unlike those of some other teams, seem to be working out very well. They put up an excellent fight against SK Gaming (incidentally, it’s rather interesting that going up against SK Gaming has become a sort of benchmark against which other teams are measured). In any case, North are playing very well, and if they only keep it up, they are certain to reach the Grand Finals. Heroic have done reasonably well against Ninjas in Pyjamas, but then, just about any reasonable team seems to be able to do that. The odds here are very good on North, running at 1.55, so a stake here wouldn’t be at all out of place.

Betting Tips for the Farmskins IEM Qualifier

Mousesports Vs AVANGAR

Mousesports have a tradition of dominating qualifiers, and these are especially important, because the winner here enters the IEM XII at Katowice. The team are just one step away from the Finals, and only AVANGAR stand in their way. Incidentally, AVANGAR aren’t to be taken lightly, having crushed Space Soldiers 2-0 in the Quarter Finals – remember that Space Soldiers have themselves been putting out some excellent plays this year. While AVANGAR may beat the odds, those odds still favour mousesports. They are presently running at 1.25, and while this isn’t exceptional, it is still a good chance at a predictable win if you want to spread your stake over a few matches.

Betting Tips - mousesports

Image Credit: mousesports

Epsilon Esports Vs AGO Esports – Double your stake

This is a match that offers exceptional returns. Epsilon Esports put down Natus Vincere in the Quarterfinals 2-0. This shows that they have real ability, since it was a best of three. AGO Esports, on the other hand, have had a great deal of trouble even defeating BIG. The odds are running at 2.05 on Epsilon, and they have an excellent chance at a win here, so go ahead and double a stake.

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Betting Tips for the Hellcase Cup 7

Elements Pro Gaming (EPG) Vs pro100

These teams are both rather incompetent, but pro100 do seem to do better. One nice point of comparison was that both teams went up against Windigo in their last match, where pro100 put out some very good plays. This match carries some risk for very reasonable returns, with the odds running at 1.59 on pro100.

North Academy Vs Red Reserve

North Academy are fighting here with one hand tied behind their backs, as their roster is incomplete. One player has been loaned to OpTic Gaming for six months, and mertz has now left the Academy to join North. With only three of their core players on the team, they have little hope of winning against Red Reserve. One advantage that North Academy still have is that they have all the infrastructure of a top pro team backing them up, which is something that makes a difference in an online match. Nevertheless, this is a good match in which to place a stake on Red Reserve, with the odds on them running at 1.50.

Betting Tips for the Stream.me Gauntlet

Elements Pro Gaming (EPG) Vs Espada

EPG will be battling Espada at the Stream.me Gauntlet. Oddly enough, they have a history of doing very well against Espada. This is a good chance to rake in fifty percent of your stake with minimal risk, with the odds on Elements Pro running at 1.53.

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These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.