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Splyce are Swiped Aside by the Vastly Superior H2K - Esportsranks
Splyce are Swiped Aside by the Vastly Superior H2K

H2K sweep Splyce and book their ticket to the second round of the EU LCS Regional Qualifiers

As most of us expected, H2K managed to easily roll over Splyce. It was a stomping on all accounts, with H2K dominating heavily in all 3 games. Splyce looked fairly weak. Although they tried their best to overcome H2K, their tactics just weren’t up to scratch. In the end, H2K were always the favourites and they looked like it today.

H2K now has to fight their way past UoL tomorrow which. That’s going to be difficult for sure. H2K would have to bring their A game. They will also need to be ready for some unconventional picks by the Unicorns, who are known for their crazy, off meta picks. H2K are really hard to kill in the normal meta, but this won’t mean much if Unicorns of Love come at their full strength tomorrow.

Tank Meta OP

One of the trends of patch 7.16 continued into the EU LCS regional qualifiers. Bot lane was again the focus. Normally, whichever ADC could get ahead could carry the game.

H2K used their lead in the bot lane to snowball the game into the first baron of the series. They used this to break through Splyce’s inhibs. Soon after, they took the rest of Splyce’s base and won the first game.

The immobile mage of Vel’koz and the immobile ADC of Jhin was the eventual downfall of Splyce. Sencux on Vel’koz had the main responsibility of taking down the tanks, as Jankos’ Sejuani was constantly on top of him. H2K’s tanks were simply too strong to take out.

H2K Jankos Splyce vs H2K EU LCS Regional Qualifiers

Flickr @lolesports

H2K Pile on the Pressure

H2K opted for the same strategy as their first game. They picked big tanks again. Although the pressure started in the top lane, it quickly swung back into the bot lane. H2K was looking strong and their ADC Nuclear was on Tristana. Again it was the bot lane advantages which led to the eventual control of the entire match.

It seemed as if Splyce hadn’t learned from the first game. Allowing H2K to set up practically the same draft was a big mistake and it cost them dearly. In the end, this tanky, yet damage heavy composition worked for H2K in both games. Substituting only their top lane pick and their ADC pick showed they felt very comfortable with the composition.

Splyce on Their Last Leg

After allowing H2K almost the same composition in game 1 and 2, it was expected that Splyce would change something. This materialised, with Splyce banning both Alistar and Sejuani. The Cassiopeia, the midlaner for H2K in both games, was also banned.

Splyce threw everything at the changes they made from the first 2 games. They had to make their bans work but they gave away an early first blood. H2K looked strong again in game 3. The game quickly snowballed into baron and H2K finally sealed the deal, securing their spot against Unicorns of Love tomorrow.