Spencer Ealing, now UNILAD GORILLA, signs for UNILAD eSports

Just as the FIFA 17 Madrid Regionals are about to kick off, Spencer Ealing announces that he has joined UNILAD eSports. Spencer is better known by his aliases, Huge_Gorilla or just simply, Gorilla. He will take up the title UNILAD GORILLA. The announcement was made via twitter.


Who is Spencer Ealing, the man behind UNILAD GORILLA?

Spencer Ealing

Via Youtube – Unilad

Gorilla has been a stalwart in the FIFA scene for a very long time. Back in the days of FIFA13-14, Spencer Ealing was exposed to the world of competitive FIFA, and never looked back. While making gfinity tournament finals, his big break came during FIFA 15. Winning tournaments left and right, Gorilla established himself as a name to watch.

Epsilon eSports took notice and snapped him up in late 2015. His time with Epsilon eSports was littered with trophies, and a runner up finish at ESWC. Anyone who faced Epsilon Gorilla knew they had to bring their A game or they would be walking home.

Spencer Ealing left Epsilon eSports in early 2017 in what seemed to be a mutual parting of ways. Shortly before this, Spencer was becoming more active on Youtube and Twitch, which may have contributed to the reason of the parting of ways.

On the eve of the Madrid Regionals for FIFA 17, Gorilla will want to avenge his group stage exit in Paris. We covered his chances in the Madrid Regionals preview. Spencer will using the title of UNILAD GORILLA at the tournament, as seen in images of the group stage draw. Handed a group which includes FUTWIZ PRICEY, it will not be a straightforward walk to the next stage as we hoped. We are still standing by UNILAD GORILLA to progress and to take the overall championship.

Never heard of UNILAD eSports? Neither have we

UNILAD eSports

Via Flickr – Copyight Rick Van Schijndel

A quick google search of “Unilad eSports” yields 5 results. 5 results. In all of google. There are no other professional eSports players who are tied to Unilad. Is UNILAD GORILLA the first of many to join UNILAD eSports? Will there be other players in other games and will they stick solely to FIFA?

Without any information or fanfare announcing UNILAD eSports, its hard to tell where this will lead. We tweeted Spencer to ask if he will be competing for himself or be building a FIFA team to compete with FUTWIZ and the like. Our tweet to both Spencer Ealing and Unilad for additional comments were not replied to at time of publication.