Solary and Scotts Tots win the Second Apex Legends Challenge

The second part of the Twitch Rivals event, Apex Legends Challenge, concluded earlier today, with teams Solary and Scotts Tots taking home the grand prize for Europe and North America, respectively.

Solary — consisting of professional streamers sponsored by SolaryTV — took home top honours in the European portion of the event. Meanwhile, Scotts Tots — consisting of concent creators, NickPolom, Mendo, and Overpowered — topped the North American portion of the event. Salary barely edged out the second-place team, Wtcn, 387 to 384, losing in placement points (110 to 111) but winning in terms of kills (277 to 272). Scotts Tots’ win was less nail biting, as they topped the board with 416 points, which is a lot more than the 401 points of the second-place team, TSM.

For their efforts, Solary will take home $12,300, with Scotts Tots bagging $11,200. The rest of the $100,000 prize pool ($50,000 per region) was split with the rest of the participating teams.

In total, 10 teams from each region (North America and Europe) participated in the second Apex Legends Challenge.

Because Apex Legends currently lacks a mode where a group of teams can play on the same map together, each individual team will have to queue together in random matches and earn points based on kills and wins. A win nets a team 5 points, while each kill nets a team 1 point.

Team Mane and Kings Canyon were the champions of the first Apex Legends Challenge, which was held last week on February 12.

What’s Next After Apex Legends Challenge?

The first Apex Legends Challenge was, no doubt, a huge success. The second one was just as big, despite top streamers like shr0ud and Ninja skipping the tournament.

With that said, it’s only a matter of time before we see a follow up to this tournament, regardless of whether it is going to be another Twitch Rivals event or not. But, so far, we have yet to receive news regarding where we’re going to see the top players in Apex Legends compete again.

As for the game itself, Respawn Entertainment seems to be hard at work in making sure that the game works as seamlessly as possible across all platforms. In addition to multiple tweaks and fixes since the game’s release, the developers have also announced the addition of a new gun, Havoc, as part of tomorrow’s update.

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What tournament do you think will come after Apex Legends Challenge? Do you think that Apex Legends is going to overtake Fortnite? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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