SL i-League Invitational Season 4 (Day 3) – Odds, Analysis, Picks

Just as most people had predicted earlier prior to the start of SL i-League Invitational Season 4, Team Liquid and Newbee paced each of their respective groups. Both teams are now one step closer to securing yet another rematch in the Grand Finals. Though we’re not exactly sure that it’s going to happen yet, it’s looking more and more likely as we head onto the last day of the group stages.

Kudos to Mineski, though, for putting up an admirable fight in Day 2 of SL i-League Invitational Season 4. They took the recently-crowned Genting Minor champs down to the wire and very nearly escaped with the top seed in Group B. With Chai ‘Mushi‘ Yee Fung playing like the same Mushi that shone the brightest in the starstudded Team DK lineup back in TI4 and Anucha ‘Jabz‘ Jirawong still playing phenomenal the position 4 support role, Mineski still have a chance of making it to the Grand Finals. Although it may have to come against Team Liquid and that’s only if they make it out of the last day of the group stages tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we have quite the schedule in store for us. Not only do we have four matches slated, but four teams will also get eliminated at the end of the day.

With such an important day ahead of us, let us not delay and get right on to trying to analyze which of the four remaining teams are going to make it to the playoffs on Sunday.

Not Going to Make It – Infamous & Team Empire

Invitational Season 4

Image via Infamous

Infamous and Team Empire are two of the weakest teams in the tournament and their performance so far has proven that. Though if it’s any consolation, Team Empire did manage to take a game off of Newbee, which caught pretty much everybody by surprise. But, tomorrow is do-or-die day and between their relative lack of talent (Infamous) and LAN experience as a team (Team Empire), both teams just don’t look like they have it in them to pull off an upset run.

Not Going to Make It – CompLexity Gaming

The last time compLexity Gaming played LGD Gaming, they got their posteriors absolutely handed to them. What’s preventing that from happening again? From what we’ve seen, LGD Gaming are a legitimate powerhouse, with enough firepower to make Team Liquid sweat, and then some. Given that they’ll have to make it through LGD Gaming tomorrow to make it to the playoffs, compLexity Gaming’s chances of extending their tournament run are slim.

Betting: compLexity Gaming handicap -1.5 at 2.25 odds against Infamous (Arcanebet)

Has A Good Chance – Team Kinguin

Invitational Season 4

Team Kinguin have a legitimate shot of making it to the playoffs. They’re good. Inexperienced, sure, but they have the right mix of talent and chemistry. In fact, if not for Mushi and Jabz going absolutely ham and willing Mineski to a rare comeback from Mega Creeps in Game 2 of their series earlier today, who knows what might’ve happened?

Betting: Team Kinguin to win against Team Empire at 1.86 odds (10bet)

Heavy Favourites – Mineski and LGD Gaming

Invitational Season 4

Image via Starladder

The two best Dota 2 teams remaining now that Team Liquid and Newbee are firmly in the playoffs, it should go without saying that Mineski and LGD Gaming have the best chance of qualifying to the playoffs.

Regardless of which team they go up against tomorrow in Day 3 of SL i-League Invitational Season 4, feel free to pencil them in as the winners as soon as you’re able. These two Dota 2 teams came here to play, and though they may just find themselves eliminated early in the playoffs, they’re the ones who have the best chance of pulling off an upset, or at the very least, keep things interesting.

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