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SK Gaming the world’s top team, and crush FaZe to prove it - Esportsranks
SK Gaming the world’s top team, and crush FaZe to prove it

SK Gaming have asserted their claim to world dominance in the CS:GO arena once again by defeating FaZe Clan in the ESL Pro League. Despite FaZe Clan’s roster of hard hitters, and their near-legend status, an SK Gaming bolstered by the addition of ‘boltz’ crushed FaZe. This completes a series of wins for SK Gaming, and rolls out this year on an extremely triumphant note. Not only have SK dominated the end of this year, they look as if they’re going to steamroll all comers in the year to come, and continue to be CS:GO’s top team.

SK Gaming drove for the title almost unopposed in this event, with four decisive victories and just one loss. Their single loss was to OpTic Gaming, who had themselves boosted their roster with ‘friberg’ of Ninjas in Pyjamas. After barreling through the group matches, SK Gaming came up against Misfits in the Semifinals, and rolled right over them and into the Finals, and their encounter with FaZe Clan.

FaZe started out with a lethal victory

FaZe entered the match with a devastating triple kill from GuardiaN that let it push into the lead 6-1. But in round seven, TACO hit back hard and then SK Gaming pushed on to reach 8-7 in the first half. That gave FaZe a small lead as they fought into the second half as Counter Terrorists. FaZe kept up that lead to win the initial map.

The next map was Overpass, and this time Olofmeister took the opening round for FaZe. But SK Gaming knew that FaZe had to be shut down quickly, and they went for a force buy in the next round, breaking FaZe’s momentum. FaZe still took the first half 8-7, just like in the first match. SK Gaming then hit back in the second half, shutting down FaZe, and pushing into an 11-8 lead. SK Gaming were now playing with confidence, and they went on to win the match 16-11.

The tide had turned against FaZe

In the third map, Mirage, SK Gaming were on the warpath, leading 4-0 right at the start. A determined effort by GuardiaN to put FaZe back in the game failed, and SK Gaming finished the first half with an incredible 13-2 lead. The match was virtually a lost cause for FaZe by this point, but they still tried to move back into the game in the second half. However, despite some very good plays, SK Gaming took this map 16-9. SK Gaming were now leading by two maps, and the next map would decide whether FaZe would remain in the game, or be eliminated.

SK Gaming top team - ESL

Image Credit: ESL

The final battle to be the world’s top team was fought in Train.

Once again, SK Gaming went all-out right at the start to steamroll the opposition. FaZe then fought back hard, but coldzera and boltz brutalized them to take five kills between them. Rain then went on put FaZe right back in the game with some brilliant plays, as he repeatedly crushed SK Gaming. FaZe amazingly dominated the first half 8-7. FaZe continued their brilliant winning streak in the second half, pushing their score right up to 11, and showing just why they are one of the greatest teams in the world.

But FaZe are only ‘one of the greats’

SK Gaming can shut them down at any time with determined play, and are certainly the world’s top team, as they demonstrated in round 12. SK Gaming took round after round after that point, till they led the match 14-11. FaZe held the line for the moment, putting out everything they had, and the match went into overtime. But in overtime, SK Gaming finally dominated, winning the match, and the ESL Pro League Finals 19-16. SK Gaming have proved once again that they are masters of the CS:GO universe, and this time they have flattened the redoubtable FaZe Clan itself to prove their point.

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