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SK Gaming defeats FaZe Clan at ECS Season 3 Finals - Esportsranks
SK Gaming defeats FaZe Clan at ECS Season 3 Finals

SK Gaming takes another trophy and wins the ECS Season 3 Finals against FaZe Clan.  It is their 3rd straight victory, which rarely happens in such a huge competitive landscape in eSports. Even if they aren’t the defending Valve Major champions, there is no question that they are currently the best team in CSGO right now. Let’s take a look back at their path in securing the Esports Championship Series Season 3 title and winning $250,000.

SK Gaming vs Astralis – Semifinals

Map 1 – Overpass

The first map started on Overpass where the Brazilians started on CT side. They won the first pistol round and went on to win the anti eco. Astralis were able to string the next few rounds together, which is what you want to do when playing on the terrorist side. Economy is much harder to recover from when playing on CT side.

Astralis did a good job on keeping their wins consecutively and finished with a flashing 9-6 halftime lead on T side. They won the next pistol round and put SK Gaming quickly on the ropes. This eventually led to Astralis’ first win.

Map 2 – Mirage

We head over to Mirage for the second map of the series. SK Gaming started on T side and started off similarly to the first map. They won the pistol round and the anti eco after. Astralis were stringing 3 rounds for every new buy round they could recover, which gave them the half time lead at a 9-6 scoreline.

Astralis won the next pistol round, but SK Gaming were able to win the force buy. This gave them the next 3 rounds to bridge the gap and both team proceeded to exchange rounds. With the score finally tied at 12-12, “FalleN” came through with an amazing 3k to stop Astralis’ quick push to A.

This gave them the lead as well as the economic advantage where Astralis would have to eco and SK Gaming would secure their economy for the rest of the remaining rounds. SK Gaming would finish the match with a 16-14 victory.

Map 3 – Inferno

We move over to Inferno for the deciding round. Astralis would begin with a flying start to win the first 5 rounds on T side. SK Gaming would answer back with 6 straight rounds, but Astralis would take the next 2 rounds to end the half and take the 8-7 lead at T side.

SK Gaming were getting all the clutch rounds and ‘fer’ was incredibly consistent throughout. They would proceed to show the same swagger in the second half and disrupt Astralis’ economy as consistently as possible. SK Gaming would proceed to win the map 16-12 and booked their ticket in the ECS Season 3 Finals.

ECS Season 3 Finals – SK Gaming vs FaZe Clan

Map 1 – Mirage

The grand finals started on Mirage with SK Gaming starting on CT side. FaZe Clan won the pistol round and the first buy round. SK Gaming decided to go for a force buy on round 5 and it payed off with sneaky play by “felps”, going through underpass from mid to set up a pincer at B apartments.

FaZe Clan fought back immediately and took the next round, forcing SK Gaming into an eco again. They would eventually build momentum and secure a dominating 10-2 lead. SK Gaming were then able to answer back and win the last 3 rounds to make the deficit manageable at 10-5.

The Brazilians won the next pistol round and secured the anti eco. However, FaZe Clan looked impenetrable on CT side and completely dominated the second half. They won the map 16-11.

Map 2 – Inferno

SK Gaming definitely needed to start off quickly as they had been playing poorly all throughout the playoffs. They would have a great chance of doing that by starting on CT side in Inferno.

They started off poorly, loosing the first pistol round and FaZe Clan jumped to a 3-0 lead. The match then continued with both teams trading rounds. The Brazilians soon were able to win a 3v3 with the time on their side defending the B site. This forced FaZe Clan to an eco round.

SK Gaming were winning the buy rounds but FaZe Clan answered back with an anti eco even after “fer” got a triple kill. The half would end with a 9-6 scoreline favouring SK Gaming.

After the half, FaZe Clan would win another pistol round, but SK Gaming were able to win a force buy the round after. They would then go on to win the next 2 rounds. They continued trading rounds until SK Gaming answered back with a 2v3 clutch in which “fer” defused the bomb to win the round.

FaZe Clan would win an anti eco round and not give up match point to the Brazilians. They then caught up and took the lead at 15-14, where SK Gaming would force OT winning a 3v4 to save their tournament lives. SK Gaming would sweep the CT side decisively and win the OT 19-17. This meant that the ECS Season 3 Finals was going to a decisive third map.

Map 3 – Train

SK Gaming seemed to be pumped up and started with a whopping 11-0 lead. The half eventually ended in a 13-2 scoreline, which looked like it was all over for FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan won the much needed pistol round post break flawlessly, and was out for a comeback. They would win the next 6 rounds to narrow the deficit to 13-8. SK Gaming halted the run with an A push and a clutch defence by “Coldzera”. FaZe Clan then took 5 rounds on the backs of their strong defence. FaZe Clan reached the ECS Season 3 Finals tournament point at 15-14 after a desperate A push by SK Gaming with time running out. SK Gaming forced OT with a fast A push.

In overtime, FaZe Clan took 2 rounds on the CT side and the lead at 17-16. Both teams traded rounds until the 6th round of OT with a 18-17 scoreline in favour of the Brazilians. The round started out with “fer” missing a crucial flank on “karrigan” but “felps” was able to get a trade.

FaZe Clan switched their attention back to A site with little time remaining. Once the rotation was heard, “Coldzera” was able to win a 1v1 against “allu” and forced FaZe Clan to go for an A plant with time running out. In a desperate attempt to plant the bomb, SK Gaming cleaned them out and won the ECS Season 3 Finals championship. “fer” takes the much deserved tournament MVP.



Fer wins tournament MVP

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