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SK Gaming destroys Astralis to win the BLAST Pro Series - Esportsranks
SK Gaming destroys Astralis to win the BLAST Pro Series

The BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen ended in an intense finale as SK Gaming brutalized a handicapped Astralis to take the title. Astralis put up a good fight, but they have been doing badly since dev1ce’s health problems disrupted the team meta. The team was still good enough to reach the Finals of the series, obviously, but at that point SK Gaming were able to power through a disrupted Astralis to win the event.

Astralis beaten as a home crowd chants their name.

The BLAST Pro Series is really home ground for the team. Astralis was beaten even as home crowds backed them all the way. The BLAST Pro Series is one of the most intense and compact CS:GO events, with a day’s intense best-of-one matches deciding the dominating teams. Astralis and SK Gaming dominated against some of the world’s best teams, including Ninjas in Pyjamas, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports and North. The top two teams, exhausted after a day’s plays, then went head to head in three matches to decide the winner.

BLAST Pro Series Astralis crowd

Image Credit: BPS

The BLAST Pro Series Finals started out well for Astralis.

Astralis seemed likely to dominate in Mirage, taking eleven rounds in the first half to SK Gaming’s four. This was even though their dominating player, dev1ce is presently not playing with the team, due to serious medical problems. But even with their star killer out of action, Astralis looked likely to dominate the event. SK Gaming still hit back hard, later in the match, though Astralis nevertheless won the match 16-11.

SK Gaming knew they had to take the next match to stay in the event.

The team went all out, dominating the opening rounds of the match 10-5. Astralis tried to hit back with a strong pistol round in the second half, but SK shorted them out by catching the Danes in a crossfire multiple times, taking the match 16-8. Ex-Immortals player Ricardo Prass, or boltz, playing as part of the SK Gaming squad, showed his worth here, maxing out with a kill-count of 22. Immortals lost a good man there.

BLAST Pro Series SK Gaming

Image Credit: BPS

With one win for each team, play went into a final map, Cache.

Each team knew this would be the decider, and Astralis went all out on the offensive to lead by 9-0. SK Gaming called a timeout, and came back after that to hit back hard, with the first half ending 9-6. Astralis were on the wane. In the second half, SK Gaming came in hard and fast, taking the pistol round. But Astralis hit back round after round, finally pushing the score to 14-11 in the latter part of the game. The home crowd went wild chanting the team name, but SK Gaming came back to tie the game 14-all. Overtime would decide the winner of the BLAST Pro Series.

An Overtime dominated by SK Gaming.

The match went into overtime, and overtime was dominated by SK Gaming 3-1, wresting what sometimes seemed a certain win from the hands of Astralis, and undoubtedly making them wish dev1ce a speedy recovery. SK Gaming are now the BLAST Pro Series Champions.

BLAST Pro Series SK Gaming wins trophy

Image Credit: BPS

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