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SK Gaming takes home the trophy - IEM Sydney 2017 - Esportsranks
SK Gaming takes home the trophy – IEM Sydney 2017

After 5 days of non stop action in IEM Sydney 2017, we have our newly crowned champions, SK Gaming who defeated FaZe Clan 3-1. It may come as absolutely no surprise to some who saw them play at a different level throughout. They were on form as soon as their first game in the group stages. They never dropped a single match on their way to the finals. Every player they had, FalleN, felps, TACO, coldzera and fer, played their part and carried each other on their way to the trophy.

IEM Sydney 2017

Via twitter – @IEM

SK Gaming vs FaZe Clan – IEM Sydney 2017 Grand Finals Recap

Train 16-12 SK Gaming

SK Gaming wasted no time getting on form as they demolished FaZe Clan from the get-go. They started off by winning the pistol round and jump to a 3-0 lead. However, FaZe won the first gun round with ‘rain’ playing exceptionally well. SK Gaming was able to regain the upper hand every time FaZe gets a round. They ended the half on a high note, winning the last 3 rounds and ending the half with a commanding 12-3 lead.

FaZe Clan took their first step towards a comeback after winning the pistol round to start on CT side. Although FaZe Clan was winning the rounds, they were letting them plant the bomb almost each time they won. This helped SK gaming’s economy, who were able to take the 3rd round immediately halting FaZe’s comeback at 13-6. FaZe Clan were not going out quietly as they took the next 4 rounds with ‘NiKo’ who went for a 3k as well as a smooth backdoor play from ‘karrigan’. ‘kioShiMa’ also had a 1v2 clutch against the plant to bring it back to 13-10.

The momentum had now shifted to FaZe Clan, but they were still at the brink of map point. They went as close as 14-12 with the economy favouring FaZe Clan. SK Gaming were able to take the final two rounds including a 2v4 situation where ‘FalleN’ did some magic, picking up a kill on the defuser as well as ‘allu’ who was guarding the defuse. This was one of the best plays of the tournament, and secured the first win for SK Gaming.

Cache 16-7 SK Gaming

Being down 1-0, FaZe had to win this one to avoid giving such an early series point to SK Gaming. They started by winning the pistol round on CT side. SK Gaming took the first buy round as well as the next round. Once they had their guns, they were invincible and won the last 9 rounds of the half to hold another commanding 11-4 lead.

Everyone from SK Gaming was fragging exceptionally well and it was a balanced team effort that had them finish this map with such decisiveness. They won the last 4 rounds on CT side and jumped to a an insurmountable series lead.

Inferno 16-13 FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan

Via twitter – @FaZeClan

FaZe Clan started off on fire and won the first 6 rounds on T side. ‘coldzera’ put a stop to their run with a 3k AWP round to take their first round. This got their team going as they won the clutch rounds, and the match was going back and forth with FaZe having the slight edge for their strong start.

SK Gaming followed up in the second half as they won the next 5 rounds including the pistol round. This got SK Gaming going and they won 8 of the next 10 rounds to hold their first lead of the map at 13-12. It took almost a perfect game from ‘rain’, who was great throughout the series, to stop SK Gaming from sweeping them and eventually take the next four rounds to win the series at 16-13.

Overpass 16-11 SK Gaming

SK Gaming was able to take the first pistol round but FaZe was able to follow up with a force buy to bring it back. They immediately reset SK’s economy and won the next 3 rounds including this insane ninja by ‘karrigan’. It was a crazy competitive half as both teams taking rounds alternatively and ended with a 9-6 lead for FaZe.

SK Gaming took the first 5 rounds of the second half with their defences looking impenetrable. ‘coldzera’ and ‘felps’ were playing their game of the tournament as they both contributed 29 frags each which was more than half the frags of SK Gaming during the match. they were able to win the match in a convincing fashion as they only yielded 2 rounds to FaZe Clan in the second half.

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