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SK Gaming AWPer reveals why Felps had to leave - Esportsranks
SK Gaming AWPer reveals why Felps had to leave

SK Gaming is one of the world’s top CS:GO teams, but that domination has, in recent years, been threatened by other teams. Teams like Team Liquid, or the almost invincible FaZe Clan. As the team fell from its once-securely-held top spot in the global rankings, it was almost inevitable that a roster change was coming.

And recently, it did…

SK Gaming replaced Felps with Immortals’ boltz

And it has worked out very well so far, with SK Gaming beating FaZe Clan at EPICENTER recently. If that is a foreshadowing of events to come, the team just might have won back their top spot globally.

Immortals boltz replaces felps

Image Credit: ESL

FalleN reveals why Felps didn’t fit

In a recent interview, Gabriel Toledo, also known as FalleN, the team’s star AWPer, explained why Felps exit from the team was unavoidable. FalleN said that Felps was being forced to take on roles in the team that were not natural to him. This was forcing him to continually try to adjust his game. This led to less-that-optimal results in competitive play. Felps did his best, and SK Gaming put out some excellent plays when he was part of the team. But that didn’t mean that the team meta was optimal, or that Felps was happy or satisfied with his role within the team.

A string of defeats did Felps no good

Felps was becoming increasingly demotivated. And that wasn’t good for the team meta either. FalleN feels that when one doesn’t enjoy what one is doing, one can no long put out one’s best effort, and that seems to be what happened to Felps.

FalleN feels that Immortals’ Ricardo Prass – known as boltz – will be much better in the roles he’s replacing Felps in, and will better fill the position in the team that Felps used to play. Boltz is a calm, tactical mind, combined with razor reactions and lethal combat skill. He’s a good fit for a team that dreams of world domination. For a team that held first place in the global rankings for quite a while.

FalleN also talked about keeps him going

SK Gaming FalleN

Image Credit: SK Gaming

When he was in Brazil, he was looking at the top tournaments ‘from the outside’ and what kept him going was trying to ‘get in’.

Then, when he started to play in those tournaments, it was about winning at least a few.

Then, at the top of the world, it was about retaining that position and keeping the top spot out of the reach of teams like FaZe, Astralis and Liquid. Those are just a few among many others, each team full of top players, each team wanting to be the best in the world.

Today, FalleN says, the top contender is FaZe

What keeps FalleN going today is wanted to beat FaZe. Because FaZe’s new roster is so lethal they breeze through tournaments. And because FaZe now holds the top spot that FalleN wants to belong to SK Gaming.

FaZe is certainly the team to beat in the world today

Well, SK Gaming made a good start on that by putting FaZe down hard at EPICENTER.

Will the trend continue? Only time will tell.

FaZe is the kind of team that will hit back, and the backlash could well be lethal.

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